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New 512 pixel resolution Linea SWIR with cutting-edge InGaAs sensor

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Outstanding addition to Linea SWIR family

Suited to a broad range of machine vision applications, particularly solar panel inspection, silicon wafer inspection and food sorting, Teledyne DALSA’s 512 pixel GigE SWIR line scan camera comes equipped with a cutting-edge InGaAs sensor - all part of a compact package.

The latest member of the Linea family features 25 µm pixels in a 512 linea array and offers a line rate of up to 40 kHz line rate. With high speed, high sensitivity, cycling mode, and programmable I/Os, the versatile Linea SWIR provides reliability and phenomenal performance.

With high speed, high sensitivity and programmable I/Os the extremely versatile Linea SWIR is suited to applications like optical sorting, solar panel inspection and general purpose machine vision.


Solar Panel Inspection   Silicon Wafer Inspection   Food Sorting
Cracks, defects, saw marks, dead spots and damage difficult for the human eye to detect, is easily identified with the Linea SWIR.   The Linea SWIR can see straight through silicon allowing end users to image the target on the back of the wafer.   Highly functional in detecting moisture content, bruising and foreign objects the linea SWIR will increase yield and productivity while reducing waste.
The Linea SWIR camera offers a range of features:

• 512 pixel resolution
• Pixel size of 25 µm
• 950 to 1700 nm spectral band
• 40 kHz line rate
HDR mode

• Cycling mode
• Programmable I/Os
• Compact form
• Configurable, full well
• GigE, PoE


Quick Specifications
Peak Quantum Efficiency
512 Pixels
Pixel Size
25 µm
Spectral Band
950 to 1700 nm
Line rate
40 kHz

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