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Bluetooth-enabled for you to access your application in the palm of your hand

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NirONE device: a non-disruptive technology for materials sensing


Are you ready for Industry 4.0?
Optimize performance, increase uptime, and create innovative manufacturing

Increase the quality and quantity of agricultural products and improve processes

The biggest revolution since running water and electricity. Next-generation technologies for security, convenience

Take the lab on-site, receive accurate data and analyse while still in the field. Add bluetooth and send to the Cloud


The NirONE Device: A battery powered platform that offers Bluetooth connectivity for you to power your application from your personal cellular device
NIRONE Device is the perfect material sensing solution from laboratory to field inspection. The device can be used with Spectral Engines user friendly SensorControl software for PC, or with a mobile app. The NirONE device is perfect to complete your NirONE package.


The NirONE device enhances your application capabilities
Designed to shorten time taken for application development, the NirONE Device offers simplified data collection with Spectral Engines user friendly SensorControl software as well as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables you to build your own portable material analysis solution.

The benefits of the NirONE device
• Fast measurement (typically in seconds) - real time results generated.
• 1000 measurements on a single charge (battery powered)
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Built to withstand industrial environment - shock proof & water proof.
• Easy mobile app for showing spectral data
• SDK availability for personalized user interface development with example mobile app source code

At its core, the NIRONE Device is a complete material sensing solution platform designed to increase the functionality of sensors. In particular, it has been calibrated for pairing with Spectral Engines NirONE Sensor platform.

Click here to find out more about Spectral Engines NirONE product line.

Typical applications: 
Smart Industry: improved process control
Smart Farming: Improved production
Smart Homes: improved convenience
Safety and Security
Cloud connectivity
Advanced machine learning capability
Raw material inspection
Optimsed process control
Measuring material content
Energy saving and waste reduction
Real-time Quality monitoring
Digitised production management
Predictive maintenance
Remote IoT maintenance

Cloud connectivity
Real-time information to farmers
Improved yield
Grain and milk quality
Soil analysis and optimised fertilisation
Animal feeding optimisation
Harvesting optimisation

Cloud connectivity
Monitor connected home device: security, lighting
Optimised pet feeding
Plant health and soil monitoring
Nutritional analysis: optimised eating/diet

Cloud connectivity
Food safety: domestic and commercial
Pharmaceutical composition analysis
Forensics: narcotics, explosives detection
Counterfeit detection


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