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The smartest way to create your unique material sensing solution

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Speed up the Market Entry of Your Unique Material Sensing Solution

Increase the quality and quantity of agricultural products and improve processes


The biggest revolution since running water and electricity. Next-generation technologies for security, convenience

Take the lab on-site, receive accurate data and analyse while still in the field. Add bluetooth and send to the Cloud

The Spectral Engines NirONE Scanner platform offers ready-made and modular building blocks to speed up the market entry of your unique material sensing solution. Offering an intelligent cloud system as well as a clever mobile phone app that brings powerful NIR technology into the palm of your hand. Proven and award winning technology, will help speed up the market entry of your application and provide you with all the necessary means for developing and ultimately operating it. The NirONE Scanner combines the worlds smallest NIR sensor and the latest AI technology, to empower you to increase up time and create efficient manufacturing processes. The NirONE scanner is perfect for a wide range applications that rely on the identification of materials with unique characteristics.

A handful of powerful capability at an affordable cost
Boasting a range of firsts, including Intelligent Cloud connectivity via your mobile phone for fast analysis on the Cloud, the NirONE sensor family of products provides true infra-red, smart micro-spectrometers for use in handheld and in line applications. Optimised for consumer or prosumer applications, single connection plug-and-play makes connection to PC via USB seamless and easy-to-use both for consumer use or for integration by OEMs.

Key features of the NirONE scanner platform

Easily integrated
Responding to the market need for a low-cost product, the NirONE platform is based on a single photo detector making their production much cheaper than traditional linear array spectrometers.
Intelligent Cloud connectivity via your mobile phone on an easy to use app makes for fast and simple analysis on the Cloud.
Strong and robust
Being fully-programmable, the NirONE scanner can be optimised to suit YOUR application. This applies to industries like counterfeit detection in pharmaceuticals and food processing, fast narcotics screening of street samples, raw material identification and more.
Problems related to temperature variations, vibration or mechanical shocks are minimised due to the NirONE platforms cloud connectivity feature.
The NirONE platform images at the true NIR spectral range of 1100 - 2450 nm providing better sensitivity and specificity in a number of materials-sensing applications. Also, high optical throughput is achieved via the single detector which collects light much more efficiently than does the more commonly-used linear array technology.

The Nirone Scanner platform is a highly intelligent material sensing device that includes:
- Portable material scanners
- NirONE Scanner Mobile App
- NirONE Scanner Web App
- Cloud platform
Smart Industry: improved process control
Smart Farming: Improved production
Smart Homes: improved convenience
Safety and Security
Cloud connectivity
Advanced machine learning capability
Raw material inspection
Optimised process control
Measuring material content
Energy saving and waste reduction
Real-time Quality monitoring
Digitised production management
Predictive maintenance
Remote IoT maintenance

Cloud connectivity
Real-time information to farmers
Improved yield
Grain and milk quality
Soil analysis and optimised fertilisation
Animal feeding optimisation
Harvesting optimisation

Cloud connectivity
Monitor connected home device: security, lighting
Optimised pet feeding
Plant health and soil monitoring
Nutritional analysis: optimised eating/diet

Cloud connectivity
Food safety: domestic and commercial
Pharmaceutical composition analysis
Forensics: narcotics, explosives
Counterfeit detection


Additional benefits - Portability, Cloud connectivity, and more
• True infra-red smart micro-spectrometers
• Bluetooth-enabled
• Fast, non-destructive and non-contact, in-field measurements
Intelligent Cloud connectivity via mobile phone

• Colour detection with integrated RGB colour sensor

• Modular, cost-effective, portable design
• Versatile: For in-line and hand-held applications
• Fast analysis via Cloud-based access to spectral signature libraries
• Single connection plug-and-play via USB
• Easy to upgrade libraries via cloud-based tools
• Laboratory-instrument performance in a hand-sized device
• Machine learning capability

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