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Welcome to the April, 2020 edition of Machine Vision Technology News presented by Adept Turnkey - Smarter Imaging For Better Lives.

Our Strategy for COVID-19

Dear Friend of Adept Turnkey,

Thank you for your ongoing support. We value our relationship and we look forward to working with you further.

With regards to the current world health issue of COVID-19 we'd like you to know that Adept Turnkey aims to maintain our usual high level of service. We will continue to employ all of our staff and we will be working in different ways to ensure that we keep not only our staff safe but our clients too, while we work to continue business and to contribute to the solution.

We would like firstly to acknowledge those of our suppliers in countries that have been hit badly by this pandemic and to extend our thoughts and best wishes to those personally affected.

For those of you working with us in the coming months, this is how we will endeavour to prevent and manage COVID-19 and to continue business as normal.

" We have individuals working alone in our offices to receive and ship goods. We have added strict hygiene procedures including those to the receipt and dispatch of goods. All other staff are well equipped and working from home.

" We have built role redundancy into our system in case individuals become unwell and are unable to work for a period of time.

" All of our suppliers are also taking strict measures to protect their staff and to ensure continuity of supply. To date production has continued as normal for all of our manufacturers. There is a risk however that a production facility may be shut for two weeks in the case of an illness. Some manufacturers have mitigated this risk with two production facilities.

" International couriers continue to operate but we have seen some delays since most international passenger flights that also carry cargo have been cancelled. We are also now paying a small surcharge on international freight. Adept Turnkey has absorbed this extra cost for all existing orders.

" All staff travel has been cancelled. All face to face contact between staff, suppliers and customers will be done with remote video streaming tools.

" One of the side effects of the pandemic is the disruption to financial systems. The Aud$ has dropped significantly in the past few weeks. To protect our prices to customers Adept Turnkey has been forward purchasing foreign currencies. This softened our cash reserves and so we asked customers if they could, to pay a little earlier than they would normally. I am happy to say we received a great response and things are now back to normal. A big thank you to those customers who helped.

" We plan to continue our monthly newsletter as there is always something new and interesting to talk about in the world of machine vision.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, Adept Turnkey will continue to monitor updates from Australian and New Zealand health authorities and respond by ensuring our team operates in a safe and responsible way.

We will keep you updated if any of this plan changes.

Take care. We hope that you - our clients, suppliers, partners, consultants, friends and your families - remain safe and well.

Please feel free to contact me directly:
Marc Fimeri (Managing Director) mfimeri@adeptturnkey.com.au 0408095098

Wishing you all, staff and families the very best.

Article of the month

What a Pushbroom Camera Provides

What is the result of a camera measuring the chemical makeup of a target?

The second part of a two-part series describing how hyperspectral cameras measure the chemical makeup of an object using its spectral reflection ... More


Imaging for On-Board Auto Crash Testing

New Phantom cameras provide ample frame rates for auto safety applications

Two additions to Vision Research's extensive range of on-board and off-board automotive high speed crash test camera solutions ... More

IDS Warranty period increased to three years

Bringing further security to your application

iDS Imaging a leading German Manufacturer of high quality industrial cameras (distributed by Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd) recenty announced that the warranty period on its uEYE and NXT product families has been extended from two years to three years. The three-year-warranty extension applies ...... More

Adept Turnkey here to help as industry shifts away from CCD

On Semi Conductor announce discontinuance of CCD, but what does this mean?

We take a look at the industry shift from CCD to CMOS and what it means for German manufacturer, AVT and specifically its KAI range of imaging products ... More


The first model in Teledyne Dalsa's SWIR family

Announcing the latest addition to Teledyne Dalsa's Linea camera range

Teledyne Dalsa's 1024 pixel GigE SWIR line scan camera offers a cutting-edge InGaAs sensor all within a neatly-packed product ... More

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Ricoh 5MPix lenses perform to the edges

Ricoh FL five megapixel lenses: high-quality, high-resolution lenses

Lenses are typically specified for performance at the centre of the image but their capabilities fall away towards the edges and corners of the field of view. Not so for the Ricoh 5MX series ... More

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Extend the maximum cable length of your devicesPHORCE standalone fibre extender

Fibre-optic extenders enable data transmission over longer distances

Designed to extend USB 3.0 connections beyond the standard 3 meter copper cable limit, Phrontier Technologies offer their PHORCE USB 3.0 fibre extender cable series ... More

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Discount Offers

Each month in Machine Vision Technology News we offer our readers the first opportunity to purchase products with special discounts. The products on offer will be ex-demo or stock clearance items. They will be offered for a period of one week to our newsletter readers before being offered on our web site ... See Discount Offers

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