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Adept and Spectral Engines sign distribution agreement!

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Adept Turnkey add Spectral Engines' NIR spectroscopy products to their product line  

Adept Turnkey have signed a distribution agreement with Spectral Engines' to supply their NIR sensors, scanners and portable devices to the Australian and New Zealand Markets. Adept Turnkey Managing Director Marc Fimeri and Lead Technical Engineer Brian Ooi, visited the Spectral Engines headquarters in Oulu, Finland for their two-day training course in September.

Spectral Engines Chief Commercial Officer, Janne Suhonen believes Spectral Engines' innovative capacity in the field of NIR spectroscopy plus Adept's industry experience and market knowledge will make for a strong relationship.

“I’m very impressed by Adept’s know-how and their technical sales capabilities and I’m confident Adept will significantly strengthen the sales and distribution of Spectral Engines’ products," she said.

"Adept Turnkey has an extensive background in machine vision and has consistently expanded its product offering in spectroscopy by offering hyperspectral imaging products and, now, further expanding to NIR spectroscopy. We believe that our products will fit in very nicely and will add value to Adept’s customers.

"We see a good opportunity to grow our business in Australia and New Zealand with Adept Turnkey. I truly believe that we share the vision and passion to build new business based on Spectral Engines game changing solutions in Australia and New Zealand."

Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd has well over 100 man-years of experience with machine vision and imaging within the company, making it the most experienced supplier of machine vision and imaging technology in Oceania today.

Adept Turnkey Managing Director Marc Fimeri believes strong relationships between Adept and its product distributors allows customers to get the perfect solution at the right price.

“It is very important for Adept to offer a wide portfolio of solutions to our customers. It helps them solve their challenges and to expand their offering to their own markets. It creates extra value for our customers and helps us build stronger, longer relationships," he said.

"The Spectral Engines’ NIR-based products range from sensors for OEMs to scanner platforms in portable devices that combine with cloud computing and AI for end users. We are very confident that the Spectral Engine products will find interesting and novel solutions to problems not previously solved. We are very excited about the opportunities Spectral Engines’ products will create for Adept and look forward to a close and successful relationship.”

The intensive two-day training course covered Spectral Engines’ extensive product offering and their future technology & application roadmap. We discussed a lot of potential industrial applications for Spectral Engines and also applications in the mining and agricultural industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Spectral Engines will visit Australia in late September when Adept Turnkey and Spectral Engines present the latest NIR spectral sensors, scanners and Specim Hyperspectral Imagers at the NIR 2019 conference, 15-20 September on the Gold Coast in Australia. Meet our team on the Gold Coast!

Need a price or more information? Please email Adept Turnkey or call our offices
Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd are 'The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists and distributor for Spectral Engines products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about the Spectral Engines options or any Spectral Engines product, please contact us or call us at Perth (08) 9242 5411 / Sydney (02) 9979 2599 / Melbourne (03) 9384 1775




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