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Super resolution in light starved conditions!

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Linea HS TDI cameras  

Modeled on multi array TDI technology, the Linea HS is a CMOS TDI camera that comes equipped with a 300 kHz line rate sensor with 5GPix/sec data throughput and offers high-performance for imaging applications where light is at a minimum.

Linea HS TDI camera Product Manager Xing-Fei He, says multi-array TDI architecture is a great solution for a wide range of imaging applications.

Multi-array TDI technology provides cutting-edge performance for today’s demanding vision applications. Various selectable stage combinations of both arrays enable best imaging results to meet different application requirements,” he said.

This range of Linea HS cameras offers versatility with its Monochrome/HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging capable of both single and dual outputs and super resolution imaging in conditions of poor light. The monochrome model's sensor has two arrays with the primary array offering 128 stages and the secondary 64. With two line arrays it allows a user for example to set the parameters differently for each array and so cover the low light areas with one array and bright areas with the second. The two outputs can then be combined to produce high dynamic range images without saturation. This is just one way to combine the arrays.

The Linea HS TDI allows you to fuse separate images at
different exposures in order to adjust light balance.


Key Features:
• High speeds: 16/8k resolutions at 300 kHz line rate or 5GPix/sec.
• Camera Link HS fiber optic interface: for long cable data transmission and high reliability
• Active pixel-assisted alignment: assists end users to be precise web aligning samples under inspection
• Minimal sound, high sensitivity
• Monochrome/HDR imaging with single and duel outputs
• Synchronized IO to control external lighting from the camera
• Super resolution imaging to function in poor light conditions
Typical Applications
• Digital pathology
• Printed circuit board inspection
• Flat panel inspection
Linea HS 8K
Linea HS 16K
Resolution 16384 x 192 pixels 8192 x 192 pixels
Lens Mount M90 x 1 M58 x 0.75
1.2 kg
< 500 g
97 mm x 140.5 mm x 78.6 mm
76 mm x 76 mm x 85 mm
Power Dissipation
30 W
18 W
Pixel Size
5 µm x 5 µm
Monochrome, HDR
Dynamic Range
> 70 dB
Nominal gain range
1x to 10x
Data Format
8 or 12 bit selectable
Operating Temp
0 °C to 65 °C (front plate)
+12 V to +24 V DC, Hirose 12-pin
Max. Line Rate
Up to 300 kHz

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