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Industrial performance for industrial machine and embedded vision

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Alvium camera series


Established by Allied vision, the Alvium camera series currently comprises four models; one 1800 series model with USB3 Vision interface (1800 U-500) and three 1500 series models with a MIPI CSI-2 interface.

Alvium 1800 U-500:
The Alvium 1800 U-500 provides a solution for imaging applications related to industrial embedded vision and machine vision. Offering image correction and optimisation plus an array of trigger functions, the camera delivers a number of features that can be applied to various imaging applications. Moreover, the 1800 series is fitted with a USB3 vision interface for GenICam.

Alvium 1500 series:
The Alvium 1500 series consists of three separate models and is ideal for easy hardware and software integration in embedded applications. Each of the three models come equipped with a MIPI CSI-2 interface. Furthermore, this series also offers software integration which can be done via Video4Linux2, GStreamer, OpenCV, or direct register access.


Key features
Alvium 1800 U-500
Alvium 1500 series
• USB3 interface for GenICam
• MIPI CSI-2 interface with up to 4 lanes
• Micro-B USB 3.1 Gen 1 connector
• Hirose HR FHH55 FPC connector
• Monochrome and colour options
• Alvium technology for image processing
• High accuracy in the sensor-to-lens mount alignment
• Performance capable of industrial machine & embedded vision applications
• M3 mounting holes for top and bottom mounting, M2 mounting holes for front mounting
Alvium 1500 C-050
Alvium 1500 C-120
Alvium 1500 C-500
Alvium 1800 U-500
ON Semi PYTHON 480
ON Semi AR0135CS
ON Semi AR0521
ON Semi AR0521
800 × 600
1280 × 960
2592 × 1944
2592 × 1944
Pixel size (µm)
4.8 × 4.8
3.75 × 3.75
2.2 × 2.2
2.2 × 2.2
Sensor size
Type 1/3.6
Type 1/3
Typ 1/2.5
Type 1/2.5
Global Shutter
Global Shutter
Rolling Shutter
Rolling Shutter
Framerate (fps)
116 fps
50 fps
67 fps
67 fps
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)
7 x 26 x 26
7 x 26 x 26
7 x 26 x 26
13 × 30 × 26
MIPI CSI-2 D-PHY with 1, 2 or 4 lanes and 1,5 GBps per lane
USB3 Vision
Operating temperature
+5 °C to +65 °C
Sensor type
Spectral Range
300 - 1100 nm

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Click here to visit the Alvium 1800 U-500 data page

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