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App your camera - the ultimate in flexibility

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You decide what's NXT

An evolutionary industrial camera with "smart phone" customisation and convenience
Setting new standards in industrial image processing, the iDS NXT platform is not tied to any predefined task but, instead, allows the user to develop and install vision apps; setting up and changing them at will and even allowing for AI use

The limitations of using traditional sensors becomes evident when specialisation is needed and the sensor's capacity for flexibility is reached.

The introduction of a new generation of vision-app devices extends the usefulness of the old standard sensors by adding the capacity for the user to create and install their own vision app.

Designed for AI and Deep Learning
A specially-developed AI vision app turns these models into universal, high-performance inference cameras with an integrated ANN accelerator

Billed as the latest in customised application imaging, the iDS NXT models are fully-fledged industrial cameras with the added advantage of being multifunctional devices equipped with user-created vision apps and designed for AI and Deep Learning.

Manufacturers' strictly-defined functions with a limited range of processing task, such as barcode reading, are not very customisable. The NXT platform, however, is not tied to any predefined task but allows the user to develop and install vision apps for themselves, setting up and changing them at will. Reassuringly, app development is user-friendly not needing additional specialist knowledge or a great deal of learning time.

Ideally equipped for numerous tasks in the industrial arena, using the standard manufacturer's functional scope in combination with the user- created-and-integrated app capability, the camera can be used in exactly the same way as if both platforms were part of the original product.

Hailed as a pioneer in the development of industrial cameras, the iDS NXT's vision-app capability expands application possibilities in numerous fields, notably optical quality assurance; as an analytical device in medical technology, face-recognition tasks or vehicle/people-counting tasks.

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