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Complex 3D inspections in a single snapshot, with a single device

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Scan, measure and control with a single device

Gocator 3500 Smart 3D snapshot sensor
Metrology-grade performance for the in-line factory environment
Currently the highest-resolution, structured light, 3D smart snapshot sensor on the market, the Gocator 3500 series, performs complex measurement and inspection tasks in a in a single snapshot; and with faster processing.

Offering high resolution which enables high-precision surface and geometry inspection in a single pass, the Gocator 3500 series scans stationary parts with stop and go motion ensuring every target is measured with equal precision.

From a single scan, the Gocator 3500 automatically stitches data from multiple 3D scans for high resolution over a wide field-of-view – the industrial stereo camera design helping see more of the part while delivering exceptional measurement stability.

Pick-and-place-friendly, easy to mount and cost-effective, the Gocator is easily integrated into existing infrastructure. There is no need for costly expert linear motion systems and therefore o errors due to vibration.

Flexible, interface is via any graphical browser, computer or operating system.

The smart and compact all-in-one design leverages a complete on-board inspection platform with built-in measurement surface tools and control-decision logic that enables the performance of complex measurement and inspection tasks without additional external electronics

• Reduced occlusions from a 5-megapixel stereo camera • Measures tiny features in a single snapshot

• High resolution and accurate 3D measurement with blue light projection

• 3-point clouds in a single snapshot
• Inline inspection-ready for faster processing • No need for additional controllers
• GUI for an intuitive set-up using any browser, computer or OS • No additional software required
• Speed acceleration for time-critical applications • Compact and light-weight but built rugged industrial design for long life
• Bright LED light source makes it easier to work with • Shorter exposure and faster measurements with LEDs
Quick specs
Gocator 3504
Gocator 3506
Resolution XY (µm) 6.7 - 7.2 20 - 25  
Repeatability Z (µm) 0.2    
VDI/VDE Accuracy (µm) - 12  
Field of View (mm) 12.4 x 13.2 (near) - 13.1 x 14.6 (far) 27 x 45 - 30 x 45  
Clearance distance (mm) 51.5 87  
Measurement range (mm) 7    
Interface GigE    
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