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Machine Vision Technology News
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Welcome to the March, 2016 edition of Machine Vision Technology News presented by Adept Turnkey - Smarter Imaging For Better Lives.

Thank you for your partnering with us in 2015. We hope 2016 is a successful and rewarding year for you and that Adept Turnkey can continue to add value to your machine vision and imaging projects.


Genie NANO: new affordable benchmark for GigE visionMythbusters test the Phantom V2010 Hi Speed camera

Watch a bullet captured in slo-mo at an amazing 73 000 fps using a Phantom ultra-high speed camera V2011. The detail is striking; the effect breathtaking and memorable. ... more

Genie NANO: new affordable benchmark for GigE visionBest-price USB3 cable for long-distance image transfer

USB3 Vision is a fast and robust interface capable of transferring high bandwidth image and video data but has been hampered in some applications by cable length ... more


Interfacing Teledyne Dalsa LINEA cameras with Sherlock: Application notes

How to interface Teledyne Dalsa LINEA cameras with Sherlock software
Teledyne DALSA have released an easy-to-read application note on how to interface their low-cost LINEA line scan cameras to the Sherlock machine vision application builder..… More

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VCnano Z 0015 - 2 Megapixel Smart CameraReal-time capability with all the "smarts"

Versatile, flexible and fast - VC Nano Z 0015 smart, 2Mp camera

Featuring a 2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and capable of capturing up to 50 frames-per-second at full resolution, this latest Vision Components Smart camera, VC Nano Z 0015, is an embedded vision system based on dual core ARM-based processor running VC Linux More

Piranha XL 16k Multi-line CMOS  line scan cameraBreakthrough product for line scan applications

More speed; longer cable distances; less light; less noise; less expense

Using the benefits of a Camera Link HS interface and sporting a number of desirable characteristics, the Piranha XL 16K multi-line CMOS camera delivers a very high data throughput over long transmission distances. . More

BOA Spot Vison Sensor Smart camera and vision systemBOA Spot: More and less

Vision system performance at vision sensor pricing

Irrespective of the type of product on the assembly line, BOA Spot can help improve quality, reduce waste and increase throughput and all for less cost than anticipated. Additionally, lower cost-of-ownership allows more points-of-inspection along the production line More

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Colibri camera enclosures for space-and-cost-critical applicationsExtra-small enclosures for compact cameras

Ideal solution for space-and-cost-critical applications

With just 50 x 50 mm (w x h) and 181 mm, or 211 mm, the overall length is only slightly larger than the protected camera with lens and port. Adding very little to the camera's size, and weighing just over 400 g . More

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Frame Grabbers

Xtium CLHS PX frame grabbers for high-speed, high-bandwidth cameras New, advanced and feature-rich grabber

Combined benefits of Camera Link and HS Lkink technologies

Ideal for integration into flat panel, electronics and semiconductor inspection, the Xtium CLHS PX frame grabber series combines reliability and performance with up to seven data lanes More

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CMOS vs CCD: the game changer

What are the differences and similarities between the sensors?

CCD (charge coupled device) and CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensors are two different technologies for capturing images digitally. Because CCD sensors produce images with less noise and distortion, they have traditionally been considered More

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Discount Offers

Each month in Machine Vision Technology News we offer our readers the first opportunity to purchase products with special discounts. The products on offer will be ex-demo or stock clearance items. They will be offered for a period of one week to our newsletter readers before being offered on our web site.…See Discount Offers

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