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Improving an already-successful product line

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High-speed cameras now with greater sensitivity

Vision Research has released a newer version of an existing series that offers greater sensitvity.

These cameras leverage a superceded-but-proven platform (the xx10 series) and the cameras are offered with the same specs but with greater sensitivity incorporated into the new versions.

Why is high sensitvity better?
Flexibility with lighting: While a percentage increase in sensitivity does not equal the same percentage decrease in lighting requirements, it does reduce the requirements enough to provide some extra flexibility especially in hard-to-light applications.

Flexibility with lens selection: The sensitivity may allow customers to use lenses with smaller apertures which may be more common and therefore less expensive.

Faster shutter speeds: A faster shutter speed may be able to be used to reduce the effects of “camera shake” and freezing
motion to reduce motion blur

Added benefits of upgrading to the new versions
If you are interested in upgrading to the new series, nothing but the sensitivity has changed, so using the same platform reduces training time, spare parts costs, accessory costs as well as benefiting from the increased flexibility provided by a more sensitive camera.

The new ISO ratings are:
  v1211 and v1611 ISO v2011 ISO
Tungsten Daylight % Increase Tungsten Daylight % Increase
100000 32, 000 28% 100000 32 000 60%
10 000 6 400 28% 10 000 6 400 28%
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