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Welcoming the flexible, powerful and robust GEVA 3000 Vision Appliance

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Space, cost and resource savings for the factory floor

Lower costs and increased processing performance
Offering between three and six times the processing power of previous models, the GEVA 3000 provides a highly capable and robust vision system for the factory floor. Equipped with a powerful Gen3 Corei7 processor and with high-speed memory resources, the GEVA 3000 tackles even the most demanding applications.

Available in either GigE or Camera Link models that support a wide range of expandable camera configurations, the GEVA's many benefits include;

Reduction in downtime and maintenance costs

Thanks to the new, smaller, fanless footprint, the GEVA 3000 reduces downtime and maintenance costs associated with deploying standard PC solutions in harsh industrial environments and varying temperatures. The GEVA 3000 offers excellent cost savings for multi-camera vision applications such as final inspection of large assemblies.

Speedy deployment
Equipped with a Gen3 Core i7 processor, choice of camera interface and ready-to-use application software, the GEVA 3000 delivers the out-of-box performance to satisfy a wide range of single or multi-camera inspection needs.

Alleviating data bottlenecks
Each of the six ports internally connect through independent data lanes to alleviate bandwidth bottlenecks often associated with multi-camera acquisition.

Standard external interfaces
In addition to Ethernet, GEVA 3000 provides standard external interfaces for system integration, including display, 6 USB ports and a serial port. Camera triggering, I/O and lighting control is supported using a companion breakout module. The PL-USB module provides an easy and safe way to connect factory I/O to the GEVA 3000 and associated cameras.

Summary of key features
GEVA 3000 front view GEVA 3000 Camera Link rear view GEVA 3000 GigE rear view  
• Turbo charged Core i7 processor for demanding application
• Flexible camera interface supports area and line scan imaging
• Expandable camera solution drives down system cost
• Integrated factory communication protocols simplify 3rd party connections
• Choice of application software suites user need and experience
• Industrial fanless enclosure allows operation in harsh environments
• Full complement of vision capabilities for tackling challenging tasks
See the specs and read more about the GEVA 3000

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