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Machine Vision Technology News
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Welcome to the October, 2012 edition of Vision Technology News presented by Adept Turnkey - The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists.



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Is there life on Mars? - Dalsa help find out

Playing a role in extra-terrestrial discovery
The image sensors for two of the NASA/JPL Curiosity Rover's cameras were built at Teledyne DALSA's Canadian semiconductor foundry and represent a part of Teledyne's overall contributions to the launching, landing and operation of the mission. More

AVT's Manta camera captures Venus

Rare and spectacular astronomical phenomenon caught by AVT's Manta camera
Described as a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon occurring in a pattern that generally repeats every 243 years, transits of Venus are among the rarest of predictable solar events. This event provided scientists … More

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Dalsa BOA Smart Cameras now support PROFINET standard

Easily interface your factory-floor equipment to BOA with PROFINET
PROFINET is the open industrial Ethernet standard of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) for automation. Used in industrial automation applications for interfacing factory equipment with other industrial products such as machine vision cameras. Built using standard Ethernet … More

Dalsa iNspect Express V1825 upgrade: fixes and new features

Software upgrade for all BOA models, Geva and VA31 vision appliance
Teledyne DALSA have released Version 1825, an update to iNspect Express version 1800, that provides fixes and also adds some important, new features … More

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The Icon: New, smart, user-programmable camera for embedded imaging applications from Teledyne DALSA Dalsa User Programmable Smart Camera for OEMs

Teledyne DALSA's new ICON series: User-programmable, smart cameras for DIY embedded imaging applications

Develop your own embedded imaging applications with this durable, stand-alone, smart solution that has its own on-board, non-volatile memory and that can be set to power-up without help More

New Manta series - latest megapixel GigE cameras from Allied Vision Technolgies Four new, feature-rich, Manta GigE cameras from AVT

Offering flexibility and sophistication with an eye on cost

Covering a wide range of imaging applications, these new additions to the Manta camera family offer feature-rich functionality at a very economical price level. Provisioned with many More

New G-series, Peltier-cooled BigEye cameras New Cooled low noise 11MP camera from AVT

GigE, Peltier-cooled, prime-quality imaging with up to 11 MP

The BigEye camera from AVT is built for use in demanding, low light applications. It is GigE Vision-compliant and designed for long exposure times. The new G-series Bigeye GigE Peltier-cooled cameras More

High speed, high resolution megapixel FALCON2 colour CMOS camera series 3 new Colour Falcon2 cameras from Dalsa

Hi speed, hi res and hi-quality images from FALCON2 colour

Built with the efficiency of the established Falcon2 monochrome series, Teledyne Dalsa extends its high-performance, area scan camera series to include three new colour More

Teledyne DALSA's  new dual line CMOS Piranha4 8K colour cameraNew 8K Dual Linescan colour camera

Fast and responsive: Piranha4 8K colour linescan camera

Teledyne Dalsa-built with a bilinear colour sensor designed for minimal spectral and spatial cross talk and features to ease system integration, the Piranha4 8K offers minimal colour More

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SIL2 Image intensifierIntroducing Specialised Imaging's Image Intensifier

Adept Turnkey releases the Specialised Imaging Intensifiers to Australia and New Zealand

Specialised Imaging image intensifiers are a family of custom-designed, gated image intensifier systems used to improve the sensitivity of high-speed video and image ... More

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CMOS Sensors: where they came from; where they are now.

CMOS technology has evolved to become a viable competitor to CCD technology
Improvements in the design of CMOS sensors have led to better image quality and opened up new possibilities for much faster inspection systems with the desired image quality and while acknowledging the trade-offs necessary to balance … More

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