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Machine Vision Technology News from Adept Electronic Solutions

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Welcome to the October, 2010 edition of Vision Technology News presented by Adept Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd - The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists.


AVT releases four new cameras at Vision Show East exhibition

Continuing AVT's tradition of providing renowned, high-quality and versatile machine-vision cameras, four new digital industrial cameras were demonstratedRead More.

iDS combines advantages of CCD technology in a CMOS sensor

Living up to their "It's so easy" motto and making innovation their goal, iDS have added CCD-sensor functionality to uEye's cutting-edge 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. Previously, only CCD model sensors allowed global shutter operabilityRead More.

New iDS driver saves installation time

Available for free download is the new OEM camera driver 3.70 WHQL for use with the uEye USB and GigE cameras (32 and 64 Bit) Read More.

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mv_1D1312C-160CL-12JAI's NEW, 4-CCD prism camera

Simultaneous capture of red, Green, Blue AND IR

Currently the only industrial-grade 4-CCD line scan camera on the market, the LQ-200CL features a beam-splitter prism with hard dichroic coatings incorporating four precisely-aligned, pixel-to-pixel CCD sensorsRead More


iDS uEye 1008XS CMOS camera

iDS' state-of-the-art, small, smart CMOS

When you have lots of ideas but not much space

Paradoxically, adding more features to a camera does not necessarily mean increasing its size and the new USB uEye XS packs smart features in its unbelievably diminutive 25mm³ ultra-compact case. Read More


JAI's AD-081GE High-dynamic camera TWICE the high-dynamic range

JAI's new 2CCD camera with built-in modes for image fusion, double frame rate, low noise and more

Operating in the visible spectrum and designed around 2-CCD monochrome, progressive scan, prism-mounted sensors, the AD-081GE leverages the benefits of GigE Vision/GeniCam .Read More


Xenics Bobcat 1.7-320 SWIR cameraSharp, smart, IR: New Xenics Bobcat

Because not every need can be solved with a standard camera

Xenic's latest camera, the Bobcat 1.7-320 is a smart, affordable, uncooled InGaAs camera for Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) imaging. Based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronics and flexible TCP/IP interfacing, the Bobcat-1.7-320 is Read More

AVT Prosilica GX series GigE camerasProsilica GX series: No trade-offs

A perfect balance of speed, resolution and functionality offered by Allied Vision Technology

Described by the manufacturer as "fast, sharp and groundbreaking", the Prosilica GX family of cameras supply the perfect balance between resolution and speed pushing Read More

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Improving machine vision with HSLink technology
HS Link: New machine vision technolgy: fast, bidirectional file fransfer

Simultaneously send and receive data, fast, with the DALSA-pioneered HSLink camera connectivity

HSLink is a high-speed file transfer protocol which allows a list of files to be sent in both directions until each side of the link is satisfied. However, HSLink is not merely a bi-directional set of rules, it is also a very fast protocol for normal downloading and uploading, incorporating new …Read More

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