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Machine Vision Technology News

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Welcome to the new-look, more comprehensive Sept 2010 edition of Vision Technology News presented by Adept Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd - The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists.


iDS upgrades to new Sony 1/3" sensor for added value

With a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels, the 1/3" sensor combines a very high frame rate with outstanding light sensitivity. More impressively, in the near-infrared range, the Sony sensor is exceptionally sensitiveRead More.

Qimaging's discount camera bundle

Qimaging's highly-popular EXi-Acqua bio-imaging microscopy camera is now being bundled at no-additional-charge with a choice of their RGB Colour Module filter or their Micropublisher 3.3 Colour camera. Read More.

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JAI GigE cameras to adopt SFNC GenIcam standard

From July, 2010, all JAI gigE cameras will be released conforming to the Genlcam SFNC (Standard Function Naming Convention) Version 1.2 standard. The decision was taken due to the widespread use of this standard.Read More.

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mv_1D1312C-160CL-12Photonfocus uses new 3-G CMOS to advantage

Fastest CamerLink camera in the current market

Billed as "The Perfect Eye" and proudly claimed by the manufacturer to be the fastest CameraLinkRead More

JAI AD 080GE cameraJai's multi-talented, multi-spectral one-lens camera

Imaging in visible AND near-infrared with the SAME lens

While multi-spectral imaging has, for some time, provided benefits to the machine vision industry, the Read More

Exi-Acqua: capable, versatile, easy-to-use and neat

Qimaging Exi Acqua camera

Addressing the needs of a busy bio- research laboratory

Recognising that bio-research imaging can require many capabilities, and described to be an "industry workhorse", .Read More

Specim's V10M ImSpector: a spectrogaph ahead of its time

JAI AD 080GE camera

Solving real-life challenges with Specim's hyperspectral sensors

Employing unique spectrographic tecnnologies, the ImSpectors sensors work as an add-on optical component that changesRead More

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Micro-Polyview: Measuring and imaging small parts in 3-D

Micro-Polyview Lens

Providing uncommon solutions to common vision problems

Micro-PolyView is a 3D, multi-image optics solution designed to measure and inspect objects whose dimensions range from 1 to ...Read More

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Vision Systems

DALSA announces new GigE vision appliance

NEW, high-performance controller offering excellent cost-savings

Compatible with the full range of DALSA Genie and Spyder3 cameras, GEVA 1000 offers a cost-effective and Read More

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JAI's AD080GE camera utilises prism technology JAI's Prism technology in action

Clever, multi-spectral imaging using ONE camera lens

Two progressive-scan sensors are mounted to a custom-designed optical prism are used in JAI's currently-unparalleled manufacturing process. Read More

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