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Small, light-weight and hand-held... a 13 cm life saver!

With a screen big enough to use as a video monitor while being small enough to be truly hand-held, this small, light-weight remote controller unit easily supports most functions of the Phantom digital high-speed camera series.

Available in wired and wireless* models, the RCU is capable of managing the entire imaging workflow: from setting up the camera, triggering the shot, viewing the cine on the LCD screen, trimming to the frames of interest, and saving the result to a CineMag, without ever having to touch the camera! All this, as well as providing a video monitor, in one package. *Note: The wireless model does not provide a video display on the RCU.

Why is the Phantom Remote Control Unit so useful?
Vision Research High speed Phantom V710

Ergonomic design
The RCU's ergonomic design and low weight (740 gm) allows the user to hold the unit in one hand while using the other hand to manipulate the settings.

Flexible positioning
As an alternative to being hand-held, the unit can be set on any horizontal surface or mounted to any available mounting point using the 1/4-20 tap at the bottom of the unit.

Finger-tip control
The sensitive 13 cm (5") touch screen provides complete control of the unit with just a tap of the finger. The scroll/jog dial allows for very fast change of settings or to delete through a recorded cine.

Flexible connectivity
The packaged RCU connects to Phantom v-Series cameras through a Break-out-Box.

Connecting the RCU is simply a matter of attaching it to the Breakout-Box (or camera**) and powering up. Within a few seconds, the camera is ready to be setup and controlled. via a menu on the home screen.

The RCU obtains its power and a video signal from the camera or it can be powered by battery, (required if the unit is wanted to set up several cameras without needing to restart the control unit each time; or if a wireless model is being used).

**In both the Phantom HD or 65 models the RCU connects directly to the remote port on the camera so there is no need for the breakout box.

The optional industrial Bluetooth connectivity provides the freedom to control the camera wirelessly, although a wired monitor on which to review shots would most likely be needed.


Remote Control Unit connects to the Phantom HD and 65 cameras
Remote Control Unit (left) shown with the Break-Out-Box
Phantom Break-Out Box allows any v-Series camera to connect to the Remote Control Unit and can connect directly into the Phantom HD or Phantom 65 camera via the RCU camera's remote port. The optional industrial Bluetooth connectivity gives the freedom to control the camera wirelessly.

Key Features
*** Extensive control over Phantom cameras without the need to attach the camera to a PC
*** Lightweight and handheld for mobility and flexibility
*** Intuitive/simple user interface minimizes learning curve

*** Easy control over hard-to-access camera installations
*** Compatible with PCC software

Summary of product specifications

Size 17.75(W) x 10.2(H) x 8.9(D) cm
Weight 740 grams
Screen 13cm (5") diagonal, 800 x 480 Active TFT Touch screen

Phantom v-Series via Breakout-Box. Phantom HD or 65 direct to remote port

Wireless control Optional industry Bluetooth connectivity
Battery life Up to 2 hours


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