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True colour with KODAK TRUESENSE colour filter

Kodak improves on standard Bayer pattern giving increased photographic speed

Improving an old standard
Conventional colour image sensors are typically designed using the "Bayer Pattern" which is an arrangement of red, green, and blue (RGB) pixels, in which half the pixels on the sensor detect green light, with the other pixels evenly split to detect red and blue light. Software then reconstructs a full RGB image mathematically after final exposure of the single image sensor.

Kodak's innovative TRUESENSE colour filter
At a recent vision trade exhibition, Kodak demonstrated the first integration of the its TRUESENSE colour filter pattern on a CCD image sensor.

How the TRUESENSE colour filter pattern works  
The TRUESENSE colour-filter pattern builds on the standard Bayer pattern by adding panchromatic or "clear" colour pixels (sensitive to all visible wavelengths) to the RGB pixels on a sensor.
Figure 1: Image capture using conventional Bayer Pattern
Figure 2: Image capture using Kodak TRUESENSE colour filter

Because no visible-light wavelengths are excluded, a black-and-white image is detected with high sensitivity.

This panchromatic information is then combined with the RGB color information and a final image is generated with increased brightness.

This technology increases the overall sensitivity of the sensor, enabling an increase in photographic speed for improved low-light, high-speed imaging.

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