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High Speed focus on the Film and TV industry with Vision ResearchVision Research  Phantom HD Gold cameras

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ADEPT showcases new high-speed camera and accessories from Vision Research to the Australian cine industry

Directing their focus on the film and TV industry, Adept were pleased this month to showcase the new high-speed cameras and accessories to the Australian Cinematographers Society


With a combined attendance of over 100 of Australia's leading cinematography and broacast directors and technicians, the Australian Cinematographers Society hosted Adept Electronic Solutions who presented the new Phantom v640 super slo-mo digital camera and Remote Control Unit.

Invited by Adept to Australia for these events, Phiroze Dalal Vision Research's European application specialist put their new products through their paces with live demonstrations in a personal and interactive environment. Vision Research are long-recognised for their advanced standing in the film and TV industry with the Phantom HD and the more recent HD Gold. Now the v640 stands to break new ground in this demanding and exciting industry.

What was in the showcase?
Chosen for presentation were a selection of new Vision Research products
*** Phantom high-speed v640 camera and latest-release software
*** Phantom Remote Control Unit
*** Phantom CineMag storage unit
*** Phantom CineStation

About Vision Research

Prominent in the marketplace with an impressive series of "firsts" and an award-winning history of innovative technology and unique products, Vision Research provides what directors need; consistency and reliability with high speed, high resolution and unsurpassed image quality.

Vision Research remains as the technological leader with the release of these new products and the company prides itself on its aggressive R&D plans for the future.

The future looks promising for Vision Research and their products will be worth the wait.

What we saw

Adept's presentation focused on the Phantom v640 and demonstrated its successful and efficient cine capture at full resolution and high speed 1500 fps.

A key feature of the v640 which was noticed and applauded by the broadcast attendees is the v640's Dual Flexible HD-SDI output . This allows for simultaneous recording and playback. Ideal for super slo-mo sports applications where the next high speed event can be captured while the previous event is being played back and broadcast.

Also demonstrated was the new Remote Control Unit with wireless option and touchscreen for full camera control. This product allows DOP's full mobility and flexibility on set.


Phantom v640: The camera of choice for digital high-speed video
*** 4 megapixel sensor
*** 2560 x 1600 maximum resolution
*** full-resolution frame rates of over 1500 fps
*** DRAM memory: 8GB, 16GB or 32GB available
*** timing resolution of better than 20 nanoseconds
Read more about the Phantom v640


Phantom Remote Control Unit
*** large enough screen to use as a video monitor
*** sensitive touch screen provides complete control of the unit
*** capable of managing the entire imaging workflow
*** wireless option

*** connects to Phantom v-Series through a Break-out Box
Read more about the Phantom Remote Control Unit


Phantom CineMag: High-speed imaging is memory hungry: CineMag is the solution
*** SAFE: saves cines on non-volatile memory
*** hand-sized and fits snugly to camera
*** hot-swappable and portable
*** provides very efficient workflow
*** enables long recording times - well beyond that possible with built-in memory
*** 512GB, 256GB NEW! 128 GB CineMag - easy to use, transport, store
Read more about the Phantom CineMag

Phantom CineStation: an offline docking station
*** snap CineMag to the CineStation to view or download
*** simple setup that connects directly to a PC
*** aids workflow: allows CineMags to be viewed, trimmed, recorded, and saved to hard disk
*** connects to PC and leaves the camera free to shoot
*** plays the cine files stored on the CineMag over dual HD-SDI video outputs or component video
*** faster download possible with optional 10GB Ethernet connection
Read more about the Phantom CineStation
Latest release software
Phantom Camera Software version 275.2
Version 675.2 is the latest general release of the Phantom camera control software. This version includes support for many cameras in the Phantom range. It includes many enhancements and support for new features like the internal and external mechanical shutters and is a recommended upgrade for most Phantom users.

Phantom Camera Software version 278
Version 678 is the latest interim release of the Phantom camera control software. This version is for use with the Phantom HD / HD GOLD camera

Adept Electronic Solutions are "The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists" and distributor of Vision Research products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about any Vision Research machine vision product please email us at: or call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or use our online contact us page.



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