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Free: JAI SDK & Control Tool - v1.2.5. New features for GigE users

Considered to be the one of the most user-friendly
industrial camera software packages in today's market.

JAI  CM-030GE RH camera

• Time-efficient
• Greater performance
• Ease-of-use
• Smarter working
• Unsurpassed design flexibility

Increase your time efficiency and creativity by working smarter with Jai's SDK and Control Tool.

Offering one of the most user-friendly GigE Vision and GeniCam-compliant SDKs and camera control tools, the new 1.2.5 version has been updated and improved providing maximum efficiency when integrating JAI cameras into vision applications.

Historically popular, Jai's latest iteration of its GigE Vision SDK and Control Tool software is due to increase its appeal with vision system designers and design teams because the software not only supports JAI's own cameras but also cameras from a variety of other manufacturers. This brand-independence provides designers with unsurpassed flexibility whether they are evaluating/prototyping new cameras or building their own custom applications. Moreover, the inclusion of a wide range of new features have been added enabling not only greater performance but also greater ease-of-use.

The new 1.2.5 release includes updated documentation with numerous code samples, a new getting started guide and more. Setting up, learning and operating the software is made simple through the use of a comprehensive and easy-to-follow set of wizards and guides rich with step-by-step illustrative screen dumps.

About the software
The JAI SDK control tool provides GigE Vision and GeniCam integration and functionality for all of JAI's line of GE cameras. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available for Windows 7, Windows XP or Vista operating systems and is also available in pre-release form for Linux 32-bit and Linux 64-bit systems.

The software package comprises three parts
1 SDK components required for easily integrating JAI GigE Vision compliant cameras into vision applications.
2 Filter driver for fast and efficient streaming of GigE Vision packets.
3 The JAI Control Tool. A generic application that can be used for testing and evaluating all JAI GigE Vision
cameras, as well as non-JAI cameras that are GigE Vision and GenICam compliant. The graphical user interface allows the user to see and activate the available features and functions of the connected camera(s). Streamed video can be viewed live or saved to memory.

The free-of-charge software is downloadable from the link at the end of this article

What are some of the new features?

New multicast support function, to divide image processing load to many PCs
• Image recording into memory for “replay” and saving of previously recorded images
• A “script” function to save and load complete camera settings
• Wizards to improve work efficiency in setting up look up tables and other features
• GigE Vision event logging in the JAI Control Tool
• Full GigE Vision event command support
• High Dynamic Range image fusion functions (see image below, right)
• Simplified “camera feature value” adjustment function for more simplified coding

More about some of the new features
The above image is a screen dump of the JAI SDK. To the left are the two images captured (with individual settings) by JAI's 2CCD monochrome camera AD-081CL. To the right, the High Dynamic Range image.
Full GigE Vision event command support
JAI’s SDK now supports all GigE Vision event commands. Programs are notified about selectable events in the camera and can act on them.
High Dynamic Range Image Fusion Functions

New High Dynamic Range image fusion functions have been developed to work with JAI’s 2-CCD monochrome camera (AD-081CL/GE) that simultaneously takes two images of the same scene.

Core algorithms are able
continuously to convert bright and dark image pairs into High Dynamic Range image data for machine vision processing in “real time”. Additional routines are provided to allow High Dynamic Range video to be properly displayed on standard monitors with bit-depths below that of the HDR image.

The new HDR functionality can also be used with JAI’s standard monochrome GigE Vision cameras and Bayer color GigE cameras when using JAI’s Sequence Trigger Mode.

Simplified “camera feature value” adjustment
The work associated with adjusting camera feature values has been simplified considerably. This means that the user will experience a reduced, and much simpler, coding process in connection with application programming.

Multicast support in JAI Control Tool

The Multicast feature makes it possible to divide the image processing load to a number of PCs connected in a network without increasing the actual network load.

Additionally, Multicast support enables many users to work simultaneously with the same image data.
The control tool can be configured with a multicast IP address and then run as a multicast master. Other PCs connected to the same network switch can then independently start image acquisition and work as multicast slaves.


  Adept Electronic Solutions are 'The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists and distributor for JAI products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about the new Jai SDK or any JAI product, please email us at:, call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or use our online contact us form.  





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