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AWARD-WINNING Dalsa Piranha line scan camera familyDALSA Falcon HG series cameras

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DALSA'S Piranha line scan camera family named "Best of 2009" by Electronic Design Magazine

Labelled by Editor, Roger Allan, as his choice of the most significant product in the machine vision category, the Piranha family of line scan cameras was selected by Electronic Design magazine as Best of 2009 in that category.

DALSA's Piranha cameras are used in a variety of industrial inspection applications, including flat panel display inspection, electronics inspection, and solar cell inspection. The Piranha camera family includes line scan cameras, high sensitivity TDI linescan cameras, and color linescan cameras.

Why was the Piranha line scan family selected for the Best of 2009 Award?
DALSA's cutting-edge TDI technology (time delay and integration), was one of the reasons Allan selected the Piranha cameras for the award. DALSA is the acknowledged industry leader in TDI, which is a key enabling technology for low light imaging. By requiring less light, TDI cameras offer higher throughput and lower inspection system power consumption which reduces operating costs and environmental impacts.

Dalsa's CEO comments
Proudly accepting the award on behalf of his company, Brian Doody, said:

"As a flagship product line, our Piranha linescan cameras have been deployed in thousands of factories around the world. Since 1998, successive generations of Piranha cameras have helped ensure that products we use everyday, from the thinnest flat panel televisions to the most powerful smart phones, are manufactured with the highest quality and at the lowest cost. My congratulations go to DALSA staff, partners, distributors, and customers who over the past decade have made the DALSA Piranha camera family a technical and commercial tour de force and a key contributor to our leadership position in the machine vision marketplace.".

A little about the Piranha family of Line Scan cameras

Line scan
TDI line scan
Colour line scan
Piranha2 models
With unmatched versatility, the Piranha2 family offers resolutions from 1k to 8k. 10 µm pixel models maximize responsivity while 7 µm models maximize resolution.

Every camera shares the same outstanding programmability, control and interface options, giving you the power you need to succeed .
Piranha ES models
The Piranha ES (Extended Sensitivity) family brings an incredible combination of speed, resolution and sensitivity to low-light applications, bridging the sensitivity gap between single line cameras and the highest sensitivity Piranha HS series.

Piranha colour models
Piranha colour cameras deliver superb colour fidelity at the fastest line rates and highest resolutions in the industry.

Higher quality images at higher speed are made possible due to DALSA's design which minimises artifacts due to synchronisation.

With a single power supply and Camera Link interface, the camera is both easy to use and powerful.


Piranha3 models
The Piranha3 camera family takes imaging to a new level with eight outputs running at 40 MHz and either 8k or 12k resolutions.

The camera’s 12k resolution surpasses the resolution of any other line scan camera, delivering more detail with fewer cameras in a multi-camera system for measurable cost savings.
Piranha HS models
The Piranha HS family is unique in the machine vision industry and its combination of speed, resolution and sensitivity cannot be matched by any other camera.

Part of the HS family includes, the world's first 12k TDI camera boasting throughput rates up to 1200 MHz and fastest line rates in the industry.

Adept Electronic Solutions are "The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists" and distributor of DALSA products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about any DALSA machine vision product please email us at: or call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or use our online contact us page.



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