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BOA ADVANCED SMART COLOUR CAMERA: Excellence in a small packageDALSA Boa Smart colour camera

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Comprising all the elements of an extremely capable industrial machine vision system in a tiny, smart camera package

Following their successful introduction of the BOA monochrome smart camera, DALSA now announces the availability of colour processing through the release of the highly- integrated BOA smart colour camera.

Supported with a full suite of vision tools, the new colour version of the BOA sets a new cost/performance standard for colour enhanced smart camera solutions.

When and why should colour be used in machine vision?
While colour inspection is often a requirement in the automotive, food packaging and pharmaceutical industries, it should be used any time there is a need to evaluate the presence or density of a colour, its evenness of distribution, or its similarity to some known reference.

In the field of food production, for example, it might mean allowing the producer to ascertain ripeness and grade product quality or to distinguish foreign matter in a steady stream of product. In meat processing, colour can be used to detect spoilage and discriminate areas of fat, bone and gristle for automatic trimming. Also, there is a large variety of quality and grading applications that involve colour and texture classification. Products like wood, textiles and ceramic tile are just some examples.

There are some applications where the use of colour is obvious and almost mandated but where there is uncertainty, how do you discern and then decide if colour vision benefits your process?

If you can answer "yes" to any of the following questions, then colour vision should be a serious consideration for your application.

• Is the object’s colour quality and consistency a key factor in the overall quality of your product?
• Can the object’s colour help you to ascertain the relative quality of you product?
• Will colour facilitate detection of the object?
How will the BOA Colour Smart Camera enhance your operations?

BOA is a highly integrated optical inspection tool for controlling quality and increasing productivity. It comprises all the elements of an industrial machine vision system in a tiny smart camera style package:

Specially designed for industry, the ultra-small BOA's 44 x 44 x 39 form factor is perfect for tight-fit set-up and the IP67-rated housing means that the camera can be directly deployed in harsh, wash-down environments. This is particularly useful to meet control standards in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and eliminates the need for a separate, costly protective enclosure.

BOA’s small form factor, easy mounting capabilities and excellent industrial connectivity allow it to integrate easily into existing production lines, machinery or moving equipment.

Colour is used to ascertain ripeness and to
How smart is "smart?" Key features of the BOA Smart Colour Camera
grade product quality in fruit and vegetables
• Fully integrated smart vision system • Mono and Color CCD sensor options • Ultra small form factor 44 x 44 x 44 mm  
• Industrial IP67 Housing • Easy application setup via Laptop or PC • M4 mounting holes on each surface • Connects to standard vision lights
• Utilizes factory M12 style cord sets • No software to install Low power consumption (3 watts) - Runs Cool Suitable for both novice users and experts

How can I use the BOA Smart Colour Camera?
The BOA colour smart camera can be applied to a broad range of colour inspection applications such as:
identification of parts or assembly features
sorting, counting, and verification of colour hue.
print inspection (quality/registration)
pharmaceutical inspection (label verification)
PCB assembly (part presence, verification and placement)
positioning robotic handlers

Easy to use
The colour tools can be easily combined with standard measurement or identification tools to perform a complete inspection of the part or assembly. The easy-to-use, iNspect Express software interface, allows users to rapidly prototype and deploy solutions, and it is available with a fully-featured emulator for offline application development and debugging.

Quick Specs

Resolution 640 x 480 (higher resolutions are coming)
1/3" colour CCD
Max frame rate 60 frames-per-second
Processing Real-time Embedded Processing. Multiple processing engines DSP CPU FPGA, 256 MB Memory
Opto-iso I/O, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet w industiral protocols, Passive Power over Ethernet, RS-232 link, Integrated lamp connector. Exposed status LEDs
Lens mounts
Supports a standard C mount lens with an optional protective cover

Delivering great performance at a very reasonable price, the BOA Smart Colour Camera is a truly exceptional, all-in-one intelligent vision system

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