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Line Scan goes faster

Phantom v12 Rear ViewDalsa Spyder3 4096 pixel Dual line-scan camera

DALSA have released a new camera to their Spyder3 line scan camera series. The S3-20-04K40 is an extremely fast line scan camera that delivers the highest sensitivity at a very high throughput. With a resolution of 4096 pixels and a pixel size of 10µm x 10µm the Spyder3 4K is capable of a maximum line rate of 18.5 kHz and operates at a data rate of 80 MHz.

This camera utilizes DALSA’s novel dual line scan technology which doubles the sensitivity with only a √2 increase in shot noise. Hence this design delivers a greater signal to noise ratio, especially in light-starved situations while also preserving powerful conventional line scan features such as exposure control and high blue response.

The Spyder3 is more than 3 times more sensitive and has 2 times greater throughput than its predecessors. Its CameraLink interface provides the high-speed data transfer required for the frame rate. The cameras has two taps with gain and offset fully programmable for each output tap. The Spyder3 4K dual scan provides quiet, uniform output thanks to CDS (correlated double sampling) and embedded flat-field correction algorithms built-in to the camera.

With a full feature set the S3-20-04K40 is suitable for a wide variety of web inspection applications that require high-speed, high sensitivity and good signal to noise. Some examples include solar panel inspection, postal and parcel sorting, wood/tile/steel inspection, 100% print inspection, food inspection, web inspection, container inspection, pick and place, flat panel display inspection and many more.

Adept Electronic Solutions are 'The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists' and exclusive distributor for DALSA products for Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about the Spyder3 4K Dual scan camera or any DALSA product please email us at:, call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or use our online contact us form.



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