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Phantom V12 in Use at Olympics for slow motion replay

Phantom v12 Rear ViewPhantom V12 slows world's fastest athletes

NBC is using a super slow motion replay system for gymnastics and track & field events at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. The slow-motion replays are being shown on-air as well as archived in the NBC Olympics web site.

The system uses the Phantom V12 to provide high-definition replays shot at up to 7000 frames-per-second. This can yield replays that slow down motion by up to 100 times, giving the viewing audience an experience never seen before.

This photo from the recent British Open shows the Phantom V12 as it is outfitted for the Olympic coverage. It is being used in both hand-held and tripod-mounted applications.

The camera is in almost continuous use as it moves back and forth between gymnastics, shot at night in a stadium, and track & field, shot in daylight.

The Phantom v12 megapixel camera has set the high-speed digital imaging speed benchmark at one million frames per second. The 1280x800 megapixel CMOS sensor with its wide aspect ratio allows for a “widescreen” view. It operates at 6,242 frames-per-second (fps) at full resolution with up to 1,000,000 fps at reduced resolution.

With an active pixel size of 20 microns and improved quantum efficiency, the Phantom v12 camera has superior sensitivity with the lowest noise possible.

The v12 features a high-resolution timing system giving timing resolution of 20ns; high-speed dynamic RAM (8GB, 16GB or 32GB); compatibility with Phantom CineMag TM non-volatile, hot-swappable memory (256GB, 512GB) magazines; and a variety of formats including NTSC, PAL, SDI and high-definition 720p.

Adept Electronic Solutions are "The machine vision and imaging specialists" and a distributor for Vision Research. To find out more about the Phantom v12 camera or any other Vision Research high speed camera please email us at:, call us at Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621 or use our online contact us form.



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