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Constant Long telecentric lasers

Lasiris Telecentric Micro-Focus Laser

StockerYale has always been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing structured light lasers, LED modules, and fluorescent lighting products, as well as specialty optical fibers and phase masks for industry leading OEMs. StockerYale is a leading supplier of high-quality illumination products including the Lasiris brand of diode laser modules, extremely bright LED illuminators, and fluorescent lighting products for the most discerning industries including machine vision, semiconductor, defense and medical.

Lasiris Telecentric Micro-Focus lasers (T-MFL) are designed for applications where utmost accuracy and precision are required. They have the ability to maintain a constant line thickness along the entire line length when projected on a flat plane. The laser produces a long telecentric line as thin as 9.0µm at 1/e 2 at a specified working distance. Lasiris T-MFL lasers use refractive uniform line generator optics without beam clipping.

This technology benefits applications such as bio-detection, high-precision surface analysis, inspection of microelectronics, solar cell inspection, high resolution 3-D contour mapping and other machine vision systems.


  • Line width remains constant along line length
  • Extremely thin lines down to 9.0 µm at 1/e 2
  • Line length up to 60 mm
  • ESD, over-temperature, over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection
  • Two year warranty

Uniform intensity

In a typical laser light the main disadvantage is that the output is a Gaussian line profile with a bright center and fading ends. This is because the light is generated by cylindrical optics. Lasiris patented technology spreads the light into an evenly illuminated line which results in crisp, uniform lines with sharp ends.

Line thickness and depth-of-field

In a standard MFL laser the line thickness increases farther away from the center of the line. The defining characteristic of the T-MFL laser is its ability to maintain a constant line thickness along the entire line length when projected on a flat plane.

T-MFL lasers feature factory-set focusing for specific working distances. The table below shows the typical thickness and depth-of-field performance of a 660nm wavelength T-MFL. The depth-of-field is defined as twice the distance over which the thickness of the line has increased by a factor of √2.





Depth of Field




Working Distance




Line Length*

5-10 mm

10-30 mm

30-60 mm

Line Uniformity

<=25 %

<=25 %

<=25 %

*Line length can be customized


Lasers and eye safety

Lasiris lasers comply with CDRH and IEC certification and fall in different safety classes depending on output power, wavelength and fan angle . The T-MFL lasers are available in class II, IIIa or IIIb.

Note: It is important to follow laser safety rules and wear appropriate protective eyewear when working around lasers. Use of controls, adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified in the instruction manual may result in hazardous radiation exposure. Please feel free to contact AES for expert advice on laser safety.



Mechanical Housing material Aluminum, black anodized
Optical Diode power 100 mW
  Wavelength 660 nm
  Intensity distribution Uniform (non-gaussian) for line
  Bore sighting <3 mrad
Environmental Operating temperature -10°C to +48°C
  Wavelength drift 0.25 nm/°C typical
  Thermal stability Less than 5% change in focus over multiple temperature cycling from 10°C to 30°C
  Over-temperature protection Built-in: 48°C
Electrical Input voltage 5 - 6 V DC
Power supply   Optional 9,12,24 V DC , 115/220 V AC
  Connector type Male phono-jack 3.5 mmØ, or custom
  Slow start time delay 10 μsec
  Reverse-polarity protection, Over-voltage protection



The T-MFL series was designed for applications that require the utmost accuracy and precision. Specific examples include:

  • Precision inspection of small parts (chips, wafers, small pins, resistors, semiconductor components)
  • Solar cell inspection
  • High precision surface analysis
  • Machine vision
  • 3-D contour mapping
  • Industrial inspection Bio-detection


Adept Electronic Solutions are the machine vision and imaging specialist providing expert advice and timely support. To find out more about the Lasris T-MFL Lasers or any model from StockerYale's extensive range of products please contact us or call us at Tel Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621

For more information please contact us.



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