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machine vision technology news
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This month in Machine Vision:

Welcome to this latest edition of the Vision Technology News presented by Adept Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd - The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists.

Machine Vision Training Workshops
Machine Vision Training WorkshopsFREE Machine Vision Training Workshops - Australia

Adept Electronics Solutions is very proud to announce the first of their Machine Vision Training Workshop days to be held in Sydney and Melbourne…

Firewire 1394b CCD camera range
AVT Stingray series
AVT Stingray series

The AVT Stingray series of IEEE 1394b CCD cameras offer excellent price-to-performance value and loads of functionality. AVT have modelled the new Stingray series on their very successful world popular Marlin series, used the same sensors, improved their performance while reducing their cost and released them with 1394b…[more]

Industrial cameras for rugged environments
iDS uEye RE - Imaging EverywhereiDS uEye RE series

The uEye USB2 cameras from iDS have an extremely compact design and are available with CCD and CMOS sensors, monochrome or color, with rolling or global shutters and, optionally with an internal memory for on-board sequence capture and buffering. The iDS uEye RE series of USB2 cameras goes a step further and offers all of the above but in a ruggedised housing for harsh environmental conditions…[more]

Dual Line Scan goes GigE Vision
Spyder3 GigE Vision Line Scan Cameras
Spyder3 GigE Line Scan Cameras

Dalsa has extended the highly successful Spyder 3 line scan camera family to include GigE Vision compliant series. Spyder 3 cameras use dual line scan sensor technology to provide better sensitivity, ease of use, and cost-effective solutions for many applications. Since its release, the Spyder 3 camera has become one of the most successful imaging products in the marketplace…[more]

Machine vision applications set imager choices
Machine vision applications set imager choices

Much has been written about the relative advantages of CCD and CMOS technologies for image sensors. While such discussions are academically interesting, they reflect an us-versus-them approach more suited to promoting a given technology than to helping solve a machine vision design problem. Looking first at the application will allow developers to match each technology’s strengths to their needs…[more]

Discount Offer
Each month in Machine Vision Technology News we will offer our readers the first opportunity to purchase products with special discounts. The products on offer will be ex-demo or stock clearance items. They will be offered for a period of one week to our newsletter readers before being offered on our web site.
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