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Single Camera Vision Appliance | iPD VA15

The VA15 defines a new standard for entry level machine vision solutions. This low-cost, full-featured product, equipped with CCD sensor, combines performance, ease-of-use and flexible integration capabilities to tackle a broad range of industrial applications.

Unlike its traditional smart camera counterparts, the VA15 incorporates the "smarts" inside the camera controller, as opposed to the camera head. This has the dual benefit of easier integration, since it can be positioned in a chassis alongside other automation controllers, and smaller camera size, thus making it suitable for tight-fit applications. The separate sensor also allows the designer to choose from a large number of alternatives to suit the application.

Interfacing the VA15 is a snap. The unit is fully equipped with industrial grade Inputs and Outputs that are wired using removable screw terminal connectors. A visible LED light is coupled to each connection that reflects the active state of the signal. The I/O, together with all external interfaces, is conveniently accessible on the front of the unit facing the user.

Easy-to-use application software (iNspect) is preinstalled and ready to run, thus eliminating installation and revision control problems. iNspect is revolutionary in its power and simplicity and un-skilled operators can learn how to use it in a matter of minutes. The unit is accessed and setup through a standard Ethernet link from a laptop or PC on the local network. Once configured, the unit runs autonomously and inspections can be monitored remotely from any computer with access privileges.

The VA15 inspection toolset is well equipped and suitable for a range of quality control applications, including assembly verification, part identification, measurements, flaw detection and object location.

Key Features:
  • No software to install
  • Easy-to-use
  • Powerful embedded processor
  • insures fast inspection times
  • Online or offline inspection
  • Quick connect/disconnect wiring
  • Easily integrates into factory environments
  • Universal solution for end-users, integrators and machine builders

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