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machine vision technology news
machine vision technology news
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This month in Machine Vision:

Welcome to this latest edition of the Vision Technology News presented by Adept Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd - Specialists in Machine Vision and Imaging.

Compact GigE Cameras
Genie M640
DALSA-Coreco Genie M640
Combining GigE Vision technology with Dalsa Coreco’s Trigger-to-Image Reliability framework, key elements of image acquisition are built directly into the Genie M640 series...
Multi-Camera Vision Appliance
iPD VA40
iPD’s VA40 machine vision appliance provides multiple camera inputs that allow you to inspect different views of the same part, or different parts, simultaneously...

Rugged IP67 compliant cameras
iDS uEye RE
Ultra compact USB 2.0 cameras for industrial applications with a completely IP67 compliant housing, ensuring a new level of reliability in the harshest of environments...

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GigE Vision Standard Released
GigE vision
'GigE Vision' standard released
The GigE Vision standard was developed for the machine vision industry with the commitment from a group of companies representing every sector of the vision industry…
Technology Review - Camera Connectivity
connection standards
GigE, USB2.0, Camera link and Firewire? Whats best for you?
We are seeing a constant flow of new cameras with ever increasing performance, resolution and functionality. Furthermore as the industry has matured we have seen a more pointed focus on reducing overall system costs. One of the key facets to these advances is the choice of connectivity between the camera and the acquisition device. Choosing the wrong interface can jeapordize the success of your vision system. This paper describes the current connection types in detail in a two part series ...
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