AM-1600CL: JAI 16 megapixel resolution C3 advanced camera

The New Jai AM-1600CL / AB-1600CL CCD camera delivers an outstanding 16 MegaPixel resolution. Available in both monochrome (AM-1600 CL) and colour (AB-1600 CL) this camera features a Kodak CCD sensor capable of 3 frames per second at full resolution. Its compact-cubic body is value-packed with quality features such as Pixel blemish compensation, Sequencer trigger, several trigger modes, small size, light weight, excellent power-efficiency and its aggressive pricing.


The AM-1600CL / AB-1600CL is part of Jai's C3 (Core Camera Concept) family which offers one core concept, one interface and one simple choice. The C3 family provides for Unlimited Digital Switchability: the ability to switch among every conceivable vision application with minimal effort.

The C3 Camera Suite is made up of three product tiers: Advanced, Basic and Compact. Each tier offers a range of products with individual capabilities, putting unparalleled functionality at your fingertips. The C3 Camera Suite makes it simpler than ever to integrate cameras into machine vision solutions.

In addition to the outstanding 4872 x 3248 pixel sensor the Jai 1600CL features large 7.4 µm square pixels for a high sensitivity in low-light or high-speed applications. It also features a high >56 dB signal-to-noise ratio and so produces remarkably clear and clean images.

The Jai 1600CL is suitable to many application markets. It is used by manufacturers for automated optical inspection such as LCD inspection where image quality and small size are important. It is used in 3D-system applications for Metrology. It also targets non-machine vision applications such as high-end surveillance, aerial photography, graphic arts, homeland security and many others.

Adept Electronic Solutions is the machine vision and imaging specialist providing expert advice and timely support. To find out more about the Jai 1600CL CCD camera or any model from Jai's range of C3 cameras please contact us or call us at in Perth (08) 92425411 / Sydney (02) 99792599 / Melbourne (03) 95555621

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New High Resolution Gigabit Ethernet uEye cameras - iDS Imaging

iDS extends its existing uEye range of cameras with a new series of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) CCD cameras. With high bandwidth and 100m cable lengths GigE offers distinct advantages with the use of a standard network connection. Recently released at the VISION show in Stuttgart Germany the iDS Imaging uEye GigE range offers excellent value, ease-of-use and much more.

iDS GigE camerasThe new GigE uEye series currently features 17 new models with colour and monochrome sensors ranging from 640x480 pixels up to 2560x1920 pixels. These GigE cameras demonstrate the same winning attributes of the uEye USB2 cameras. They are industrially proven, compact, robust and innovative.

Under the hood of the cameras are two processor cores that provide sophisticated and innovative capabilities with superior performance. The iDS GigE cameras use either a CCD or CMOS sensor. They are housed in a standard sized compact enclosure 38x38x98.5mm and weigh only 175 grams. The housing design allows for mounting at 90/180 degrees without having to create new holders.

The iDS GigE cameras feature a trigger input and a strobe output which are both optically decoupled. They also have an RS232 interface and two GPIO ports that can be configured either as digital inputs or digital outputs. Other features include full control of all parameters such as exposure time, gain etc. The iDS GigE camera series also feature Area of Interest modes with increased frame rate, Binning, Sub-Sampling and will interface to most commercial vision software packages such as Sherlock, CommonVisionBlox, Neurocheck, Labview, Halcon, ActiveVision and others.

The Plug and Play Camera Manager from IDS makes installation and integration just as easy as with their USB cameras. The software development kit is identical which means that upgrading to the GigE does not require any changes to the application and takes only a few minutes.

Adept Electronic Solutions (AES) are the machine vision and imaging specialists in Australia and New Zealand and exclusive distributor for the iDS' GigE uEye series camera range. Contact our sales engineers or consult our expert vision engineers today by contacting us at 08 92425411 Perth / 02 9979 2599 Sydney / 03 9555 5621 Melbourne.

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Dalsa partners Rockwell Automation

DALSA recently announced that its IPD Vision Appliance products have been approved for participation in the Rockwell Automation Encompass Program. Rockwell Automation's Encompass Program identifies and references third-party products that complement Rockwell Automation products. The program facilitates cooperative marketing efforts with suppliers of products that help solve the automation needs of mutual customers.

Dalsa is exclusively supported in Australia and New Zealand by Adept Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd who have a long tradition and specialisation in Machine Vision. Marc Fimeri the Managing Director of Adept believes "… the closer links being forged between Dalsa and Rockwell in the US will give Rockwell Integrators and End Users in Australia and New Zealand easier access to these great machine vision products from Dalsa. We're committed to growing the business with Rockwell customers and supporting them in their endeavours with automated inspection. Our experience and knowledge will give Rockwell customers the confidence and support to successfully implement vision first time on time".

DALSA IPD Vision Appliance products that have been approved for referencing by Rockwell Automation include the VA20, VA21, VA30, VA31, VA40, VA41, VA50 and VA51. These products can be easily mated with almost any Rockwell Automation device on the plant floor. More information can be found at .

For more information please contact us.

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Feb 2008
  • AM-1600CL: JAI 16 megapixel resolution C3 advanced camera
  • New High Resolution Gigabit Ethernet uEye cameras - iDS Imaging
  • Dalsa partners Rockwell Automation
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