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VLX2 LED Lights

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High-intensity, ultra-bright, water-cooled, VCubed line lights for linescan applications

About the VLX range of LED linelights
As line-scan speed increases, the illumination also needs to increase in intensity to enable high quality image acquisition and the VLX range of LED lights is designed specifically to meet this need. With light intensity orders of magnitude higher than conventional LED line light technology, the VLX lights provide an extremely powerful, focussed line-of-light at the subject.

More efficient that Fibre Optics
Historically, applications requiring a high intensity line light source employed fibre optic solutions due to the light's narrow profile. The VLX lights have been designed with a narrow form factor, providing a high-intensity, solid-state lighting solution for these applications

Heat and lights
With any LED light, the fundamental failure mechanism is heat; the LEDs become hot and the lifetime of the LED degrades. Thermal management of LEDs is critical for long life time performance. The VLX range of lights are designed around ensuring maximum cooling and thermal stability of the LEDs. The VLX range offers both air and water cooling depending on the model chosen. The VLX lights have an internal temperature limit and will automatically shutdown should its temperature exceed this. In the unlikely event that an LED fails, this can also be diagnosed via the serial interface. All settings are stored in non volatile memory.

VLX2 - Ultra-high-intensity LED Line lights: Ideal for high-speed/high resolution

Designed to provide a better alternative to fibre optic systems, the Gardasoft VCubed water-cooled linelights provide extremely bright, uniform lighting focussed to a narrow beam. Previously the limiting factor in many linescan systems was the intensity of the line light, however with the VLX2, line scan acquisition can run many times faster than with conventional air-cooled LED lights and so allow higher production speeds and/or higher resolution images.

LED technology is progressing at a rapid rate with high power LEDs continually increasing in light output and intensity. The lifetime of an LED is closely related to its junction temperature. While the LEDs may be extremely bright, if the junction temperature of the LED is too high, the light output will degrade rapidly and the expensive light source will soon need replacing. The VLX2 provides a cooling efficiency not enjoyed by fibre optic lighting. Additionally, the colour of the LEDs remain more stable with time and temperature than filament or discharge bulbs.

The VLX2 range of LED line lights are designed to thermally manage the LEDs and so ensure maximum lifetime of the light while gaining maximum emission from the LEDs. This thermal management allows the liquid cooled lights to output up to an impressive 2.3 million lux!

Access to the light settings is done via a serial interface, the same interface also offere lsght diagnostics. The thermal management of the LEDs is critical to long service life. The temperature of the light can be read via the serial interface. The VLX lights also have an internal temperature limit and will automatically shutdown should its temperature exceed this. In the unlikely event that an LED fails, this can also be diagnosed via the serial interface. All settings are stored in non volatile memory.

The VLX2 also allows for the light to be profiled. Along its length the LEDs are controlled in sections over which the user has complete control. If the application requires flat field correction, the light intensity can be increased at each end of the light offering true flat field correction rather than compromising with software adjustment.

Typical applications for the VLX1 include:
** Web inspection
** Surface inspection
Pharmaceutical quality control
PCB and assembly inspection
Film/foil inspection
Rail/road inspection
Food industry





Line uniformity >95%
Standard line lengths 250mm. 375 mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm. Other lengths available on request
Working distance 37mm fixed or 90mm to 150mm variable. Other options available  
Line thickness 3mm
Supply voltage 24V to 26VDC  
Supply current (at 100% brightness) 16A per metre max  
Control/Communication RS232
Lifetime (degrade to 70% brightness) >50 000 hours at 100%. ~20 000 hours at 140%
Dimensions Width = 30mm; Height = 109mm; Length = lighting length plus 52mm
Temperature Operating: -20C to +50C (will affect intensity performance). Storage: -20C to +70C
IR range 740nm, 850nm, 940 nm

VLX2 data sheet


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