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Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/35
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Anti-shading and near-infrared, compact C-mount lens

The best choice for smaller sensors when the capturing criteria are uniform illumination and very low distortion, the Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/35 robust and versatile megapixel lenses is part of Schneider's series of high-resolution lenses for machine vision. The 24 mm image circle and high-resolution also make these lens suitable for larger megapixel sensors.

The special anti-shading correction on the Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/35 C-mount lens is particularly effective at preventing off-axis shading on sensors with micro lenses.

Optimised for use with 8 megapixel 1/3" sensors with micro lenses on the sensor surface, the len's special

optical design prevents unwanted shading on the sensor, making it easier to combine a homogenous luminance distribution with high imaging performance. In addition, the combination of these lenses with the 1/3" sensor's relatively short focal length allows a large coverage range at a short working distance.

Long-term stability for continuous operation in typical production environments is guaranteed due to the lens' robust construction using stable screws to lock the focus and iris settings. The lens is also broadband coated and can be used in the visible range 400 – 700 nm or the near infrared range 700 – 1000 nm.

Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/35
Standard 1/3"
Focal length 35 mm
Extension tube None
Magnification 1:unendl.– 1:8
Working distance unendl. – 273 mm
Object-to-image distance unendl. – 347 mm
Distortion < 2.4%
Weight 160 g




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