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Phantom v640
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Vision Research Phantom v640 camera with CineMag attached


Recommended for your applications where high resolution and high sensitivity are needed

With Simultaneous Recording and Playback

Several factors make the Phantom v640 4-megapixel camera essential for applications where high resolution and high sensitivity are needed.

Having a 60% sensitivity to light, a significant reduction in read-out noise, microlens technology and a four-megapixel resolution results in the camera being able to take high-quality images at speeds usually reserved for large-pixel, lower-resolution cameras.

What other factors make the Phantom v640 a highly-desirable solution to my applications
A variety of features, in combination, provide convenient, flexible and useful facilities for both capture and management of images.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the v640 for some users is the Dual Flexible HD-SDI output . This allows for simultaneous recording and playback. Ideal for super slo-mo sports applications where the next high speed event can be captured while the previous event is being played back and broadcast.

Other features include:

Wide aspect ratio The rectangular dimensions of the 2560 x 1600 CMOS custom-designed sensor allows the cinematographer to see more of the view being shot and to keep moving targets in-frame for longer.
Resolution 1 500 fps at full (2560 x 1600 pixels) resolution; 300 000 fps at lowest resolution (128 x 8 pixels), plus 12 additional frame rate: resolution choices. The v640's 4-megapixel resolution can be used to full advantage at speeds that normally call for large-pixel, lower-resolution cameras.
Shutter A global electronic shutter with exposure times down to 1 microsecond provides crisp, sharp images with little or no image blur or motion artifacts. An internal mechanical shutter for cutting off all light to the sensor is provided to perform a session black reference with no manual intervention
Flexible bit-depth choice 8- and 12-bit depth; 8 bits giving more recording time and smaller files while 10 bits provides more levels of colour or grey and finer details.
Extreme Dynamic Range This feature gives the camera ability to capture two different exposures within a single frame and electonically combine them for a extended dynamic range. Perfect when the subject being captured contains very bright as well as very dark areas where details in both must be properly exposed.
Memory Available is 8 GB, 16GB or 32GB RAM volatile RAM memory. The segmented memory function allows the division of RAM into 64 segments so that multiple shots can be taken back-to-back without needing to first download data from the camera.
More memory Optional storage is available via the Phantom CineMag - a non-volatile, hot-swappable memory magazine that fits snugly to the Cinemag-compatible version of the camera. Direct recording is typically to RAM and then moved to Cinemag, but it is also possible to record direct to the Cinemag. Either way the Cinemag removes the need to continually download from the camera.
Added security Work loss through power failure is a thing of the past with the CineMag magazine as your shoot can be recorded directly into non-volatile memory.


Model Phantom v640
Resolution 2560 x 1600 - 8bits, 12 bits
Sensor CMOS
Video Output Video, 2x HD-SDI, GigE
Frame Rate 1 500 fps (full resolution); 300 000 (128 x 8 pixels)
Memory 8 GB (standard)/ 16 or 32 GB (optional)
Mount Type F-mount standard; C-mount and PL-mount available
Operating Temp 0°C – to 40°C @ 8% to 80% RH

Vision Research Phantom v640 Camera Datasheet




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