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GEVA 1000
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Compatible with the full range of DALSA Genie and Spyder3 cameras, GEVA offers a cost-effective and expandable performance platform for a wide range of industrial inspection tasks where multi-camera vision is necessary.

The high-bandwidth GigE camera ports are compatible with with the resolution range of mono or colour, area and line scan GigE cameras, which can be mixed to suit your application needs.

Central to GEVA is a powerful multi-core processor (about 35% to 50% faster than DALSA's VA61) equipped with high-speed memory resources that can tackle the most demanding applications. Two dedicated camera ports are provided, each with enough bandwidth to support simultaneous inspection for eight 640 x 480 mono cameras. GEVA camera ports are compatible of mono or colour, area and line scan GigE cameras.

Camera expansion is easily accommodated using commercially available network technologies which enables large configurations to be realised with much lower system costs.

Aside from camera interfacing, GEVA provides a number of external interfaces for system integration and includes:
** dedicated display and USB ports for set-up and run-time control
** a third GigE port and a serial port for factory communication
** dedicated trigger inputs for inspection timing
** Dedicated strobe outputs for lighting control
** opto-isolated I/O for associated equipment interfacing

Software Options
GEVA's flexibility is underpinned by two software choices: DALSA's iNspect or Sherlock application software.

The iNspect software is easy to use and requires little or no prior vision experience, while the Sherlock software offers greater flexibility to tackle more challenging inspection tasks as well as allowing mixing of camera technolgies within the same application.

Both packages offer a full complement of tools together with interfacing and control options for both users and equipment, such as for applications that require positioning, identification, verification, measurement and flow detection.

In addition, f
ully-functioning software emulators are installed on GEVA which allow users to develop or debug applications offline. Also, using the emulators means that machine up time is maximized during application development and maintenance.

How easy is it to switch to GEVA if I already have existing application?
For performance migration, already-deployed applications built on other DALSA equipment will also run on GEVA using the same cameras.

What if my deployment needs are uncommon?
If your machine-building requirements are unique, GEVA comes complete with camera drivers for integration with third-party software.

Model GEVA 1000 Vision Appliance
Relative Speed 12x
Program Memory 2 GB
Storage Memory 120 GB
Network 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet,
Serial (RS232) 1
Output GigE, 2x USB 2.0, Digital
Application Setup Local / Remote
Application Software iNspect / Sherlock 7
Colour Support Yes
Maximum No. of Sensors Expandable
Sensor Interface GigE
Sensor Format Area / Line
Sensor Resolution User Defined
Sensor Speed 2.4GHz Dual Core
Display Connection VGA
I/O Types Opto-Isolated
No. of Inputs 8 + 2 Triggers
No. of Outputs 8 + 2 Strobes
Power 12 - 30 V
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 8 cm

Dalsa IPD GEVA 1000 Datasheet




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