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PHORCE-RE USB 3.1/3.0 optical fibre extender
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Designed to extend USB 3.0 connections beyond the current 3 metre cable length, Phrontier Technologies offer their PHORCE USB 3.0 fibre extender cable series. The extenders are available in two versions with four models in each - USB 3.0 Optical Fibre Extender, which requires a PCIe card installed the PC, and the Standalone USN 3.1 Gen 1, which does not.

The PHORCE USB 3.1/3.0 enables Superspeed USB 3.0 connections beyond the current capacity of copper cables and consists of two modules: a PHORCE PC card which is intalled into the PCIe slots of the host PC and a PHORCE box located at a remote site of the application. The transparent operation of these modules enable the connected remote USB devices to appear local on the host PC.

The PHORCE remote box provides two USB3.0 root hub ports that comply with USB3.0 specs and are backwards compatible with USB2.0 devices and platforms.

Convenient features include Plug-and-play capacity, low-power consumption and a compact, robust design and the ability for the product to be deployed into existing fibre network without opening walls or laying in trenches

• Solar panel or glass panel inspection • Machine vision applications
Semiconductor wafer inspection High-speed printing inspection
Precision surface inspection High-res and intelligent security surveillance
Intelligent traffic control and license plate reading
High-res images & real-time analysis for science, sports, auto tests
Remote data storage  
Key Features  
• Up to 150 meter over OM2 MM duplex fibre cable
• Supports USB data rate:
• Up to 100 meter over OM2 MM simplex fibre cable xxxSuper-Speed 5Gb/s
• Available for longer distance with single mode fibre xxxHigh- Speed 480Mb/s
• Low power consumption <1.75W xxxFull-Speed 12Mb/s
• Secure power connector with locking mechanism xxxLow-Speed 1.5Mb/s
• Provides optical isolation • Compact size

Specifications: PHORCE-RE Applicable to all models
Operating temperature
0 ~ 70 C
Input Voltage
Typical power consumption
1.65 for PHORCE-RE only
Power supply current requirements 0.35A + user’s bus-powered USB devices
Number of USB3.0 root hubs 2
USB3.0 Host controller driver Microsoft WHQL certified xHCI-compliant driver
Weight 109 grams

Specifications: PHORCE PC card Applicable to all models
Operating temperature
0 ~ 70 oC
Supports PCIe Gen1 and Gen2
PCIe Connector
PCIe x1 lane operable in x1,x4,x8,x16 slots
Power Consumption
Max. 4.95W

Specifications: Optical Interface
Wavelength 850 nm 1310 nm 1310/1550 nm CWDM grid
Required number of fibres 2 2 1 2
Estimated link distance 150 m for OM2
MM fibre
1km SM fibre 1km SM fibre 1km SM fibre
Min Optical Tx output power
-9 dBm
-8.4 dBm
-8 dBm
-5 dBm
Min Optical Rx power
-15 dBm
-18 dBm
-16 dBm
-18 dBm

PHORCE USB 3.0 Fibre Extender data sheet




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