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Ultra-high-speed image capture and long-time recording of fast-moving events

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Adept & Vision Research introduce Streaming Systems

Adept Turnkey and Vision Research have teamed up to deliver UltraVision+, a DVR system designed to capture high speed events that occur over a long period. Underpinned by the proven performance of Phantom high-speed cameras, UltraVision+ is an out-of-the-box system that captures and stores video at up to 8 Gpx/sec at 4096 x 2304 pixel resolution. That's 8 Billion pixels per second or 10,000 frames per second at 1024x800 pixel resolution, 900 frames per second at the maximum resolution 4096x2304.

Images are transferred to a high-powered computer via 16 industry standard CXP-6 cables and continuously stream directly into non-volatile memory for up to 6 minutes. Research and development applications benefit by this improved workflow allowing data to be immediately available for analysis without needing to download from the camera’s memory. Recording can be triggered either by the UltraVision+ software or through the GPIO trigger signal.

When using high speed cameras with inbuilt memory there is always the risk of an event during recording such as power loss that could jeopardise data capture and for non-repeatable or high cost destructive tests this can be a big risk. The combination of Phantom’s world-renowned image quality and Adept Turnkey’s applications knowledge results in a synergy of performance and ease-of-use, a press-button technology simplifying the capturing and streaming process and ensuring there is no possibility of data loss.

The UltraVision+ system is available in a choice of three camera models offering a range of resolutions and frame rates. The system includes GPIO, for fast and flexible synchronization, and Time Code In.

The UltraVision+ system is a complete system comprising camera, computer and cables and has been designed to be a turnkey solution for a variety of demanding industrial applications.



Key Features:
• A DVR system for capturing long durection events and short-duration events occurring over a long period
• Captures and stores at up to 8 Gpx/sec with up to 4096 x 2304 resolution
• Captures and stores for up to 6 minutes continuously* configuration dependent
• Out-of-the-box, turnkey system with high-speed streaming capabilities
• Delivers exceptionally high-quality images with contrast and detail
• Built on the proven performance of Phantom cameras—a key component of the system
• Also available at lower resolutions and higher frame rates
• GPIO for fast and flexible synchronisation. Includes Time Code In.


* The system an be configured with various memory capabilities.


Three camera models:




Quick Specifications
4096 x 2304. 9.4 Mpx
1280 x 1024. 1.3 Mpx
640 x 480. 0.3Mpx VGA
Frame Rate
938 fps@ 8-bit; 625 fps @ 12-bit
1730 fps full resolution; 63.75 reduced
7000 fps at full resolution
Phantom 4K; CMOS colour or mono
Phantom CMOS colour and Mono
Sensor size
27.6 x 15.5 mm
9.18 diagonal
8.96 mm diagonal
Pixel size
6.75 µm
5.6 µm
11 µm
Electronic Shutter
Rolling/Global/Bright Field
40 Watt
6W 24V
Lens mount
145 x 145 x 190 without lens mount
76 x 76 x 39
1.62 Kg
333 g
Operating temp
-10C to +55C
-10C to +55C






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