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Ultra high-speed and high resolution imaging solution

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Phantom V2640 and V1840


Featuring a proprietary 4 megapixel CMOS image sensor (2048 x 1952), the Phantom VXX40 series delivers ultra-high speed image capture with high resolution. Vision Reseach have been awarded the Gold-Level Vision Systems Design Innovators Award for their Phantom V2640 because it's the world’s fastest 4 Mpx camera capable of producing full HD resolution at 12,500 fps.

The Phantom V2640 and V1840 are renowned for extremely low noise and high dynamic range (64dB). Both leverage Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) for low noise and high dynamic range. CDS creates clean images in dark areas of an image while Bright Field Mode increases the Full Well capacity of the sensor creating cleaner images in bright conditions.

The VXX40 series is compatible with the Phantom CineMag IV and V media storage systems and includes a 10Gb Ethernet port for fast image data transfers to host computer.




Standard resolution - Phantom V2640





Key features:
• Max resolution of 2048 x 1952
• Bright Field Mode
• 13.5 pixel size
• Programmable I/O
• Correlated Double Sampling
• 10 Gb Ethernet
• Higher throughput
• Low noise, high dynamic range
• Image based auto trigger


FPS (at max res)
Maximum Resolution
2048 x 1952
Sensor type
Pixel size
13.5 µm
Dynamic range
64.1 dB
Size (L,W,H)
28 x 19 x 18.88 cm without handle or lens, handle adds 5.7 cm to height
8.1 kg
Operating Temperature
-10 to +50 C
Ethernet Connection
1Gb Ethernet and 10Gb Ethernet for both control and data

Click here to Download the Phantom V2640 & V1840 Datasheet

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