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Halcon customers receive huge discount!

As of October 1st, HALCON Steady customers will receive a 50% discount off the first year on every newly purchased HALCON Progress SDK subscription including Deep Learning! Please note that only customers, who haven't previously purchased a HALCON progress subscription are eligible for this discount.




What is HALCON?



Dubbed "the power behind machine vision", HALCON is the fast, comprehensive and powerful software for all demanding areas of machine vision applications such as position recognition, object identification, fault-detection, code reading, print quality inspection, surface inspection, remote sensing and aerial imaging, and all complex 3D-vision tasks.

With each new version, you can apply cutting-edge, deep-learning algorithms to your application with HALCON's ability to train Convolutional Neural Networks. After training, the network can be used to classify new data. Typical application areas where this deep learning technology is in the field of defect classification (circuit boards, bottle mouths, or pills), or object classification (identifying the species of a plant from one single image). Handcrafting of features is no longer necessary with Deep Learning.

HALCON's powerful library includes a wide variety of operators and also provides interfaces to hundreds of cameras and frame grabbers. Additionally, HALCON secures your investment by supporting most common standards, operating systems and programming languages.

Quick and efficient building of imaging solutions is possible with HALCON'S highly-interactive and integrated development environment saving costs and improving time-to-market.


The difference between Halcon Steady & Halcon Progress?


Halcon 19.05
Additonal Deep Learning technologies for a broader range of applications
Providing increased accuracy and an extended choice of compatible platforms

Enhanced object detection
Additional to HALCON's previous capacity to localize trained object classes and identify them with a surrounding rectangle, this version now aligns the rctables according to the orientation of the object, more closely matching the shapre of the object and therefore providing more precision detection. This is especially useful when detecting elongared, tilted objects.

Inference on Arm Processors

This versions runs out-of-the-box inference for all three deep learning technolgies. removing the need for dedicated hardware and so broadening the range of possible deep learning applications.

Shape-based matching
Currently considered as one of HALCON's most important and powerful core technolgies, with this version, users can specificallly define "clutter" regions wchich should not contain any contours. Adding such clutter information to the search model leads to more robust matching results

Surface-based matching

Edge-supported surface-based matching is now more robust against noisy point clouds and users can control the impact of surface and edge information via multiple min-scores. Where no 3D image is available, the user can switch off 3D edge alignment which eliminates the influence of insufficient 3D data on results, while still keeping 2D information for surface and edge alignment

Depending on image type and settings, affine_trans_image is now up to 230 % faster on AVX2 processors and polar_trans_image_ext can be executed up to 160 % faster, depending on the interpolation method


Click here to Download Halcon 19.05 brochure

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