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Inspect critical assembly tolerances with high precision and at high speed

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Ideal for 3D scanning of consumer electronics
and small-parts assembly applications

The unique Gocator 2512 advantage - smart, precision 3D-scanning of glass and other challenging materials. simultaneously
Particularly useful in consumer electronics assembly where diverse materials are often embedded into the same housings, side-by-side, the Gocator 2512's specialised laser profiler offers high-precision, 3D scanning of glass and other specular materials including polished metals and plastics.

The Gocator 2512 has the unique ability to scan specular and diffuse surfaces simultaneously, capturing, for example, a cell phone's cover glass and its frame in a single scan. Further, the sensor delivers exceptional performance in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing of component assemblies despite their having various challenging surfaces. Where other types of lasers use a collimated beam, this sensor leverages specialised laser projection technology that can handle a wider range of target angles, material types and surface colours.

Delivering more in a cost-effective package, the Gocator 2512 comes equipped with smart features such as onboard data processing and in-built measurement tools.

Features and benefits
• High-speed, high-resolution, high-repeatability precision 3D scanning
• Optimised optical design for superior data on specular surfaces
• Wide field-of-view on specular targets
• specular and diffuse targets simultaneously
• Scans, transparent, anti-glare, un/coated, low/high contrast, UV, glossy
• Easy to use and ultra compact for ease of integration
• Low sensitivity to target angle for added set up flexibility
• Achieves 100% inspection of key assembly tolerances
Quick specs
• Data points/profile - 1920
• 8 micron X resolution; 0.2 micron Z repeatability

• Scan rate - 2.4 kHz (full field of view) to 10 kHz

• Specular field-of-view = 13.0 - 14.5 mm
• Measurement range = 6 mm
• Laser class - 2 (blue, 405 nm)
• GigE interface
• Housing - Gasketed aluminum enclosure, IP67

Cover Glass Assembly Inspection Back panel inspection (logo step) GD&T inspection
Inspects assembly for correct flushness/offset Scans feature fore correct height/width Scans mated parts for correct fit and finish

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