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Comparison of interfaces for image data transmission from industrial cameras

Choosing an interface is dependent on the requirements of the application and needs of the user. Each interface has its own merits and many features can be considered. Qualities such as maximum cable lengths, robustness, security of data, long-time availability, compatibility and others ought to be factored into your choice. Variability of choice in the current market makes selecting a sufficiently-powerful interface a fairly easy task as most interfaces can cope with many applications. However, in applications where image capture is time-critical, the camera is high resolution and/or captures a high number of images per second, then a closer look at transmission rates and bandwidth should be undertaken.

The graphs below compare transmission bandwidths for all of the modern camera interfaces and in their different modes. For example CameraLink CL can be run in Base mode, Medium, Full and Deca.

Features and benefits of each interface

Camera Link


• Most common camera interface

• Robust and powerful interface

• Supports high data rate transfers
• Fast data throughput rates
• Designed for all performance categories
• Low cost and standardised through USB3 Vision
• Long maximum cable lengths
• For small cameras and those with several MPx resolution
• Major interface for industrial, medical and the mass-market
• Universally deployable digital interface
• Currently recommended for rates from 100 MBs-800 MBs
• Transfer bandwidths of up to 350 MB/s.
• No frame grabber required so costs reduced
• Base, Medium, Full and DECA configurations
• Plug-and-play
• Combines multiple cameras easily
• Standardized camera/frame grabber integration
• Outstanding real-time compatibility
• One cable solution – camera can get power via data cable
• Standardized cables - take advantage of competitive pricing
• High stability and very good error handling
• Simple integration into all image processing applications
Camera Link HS CoaXPress
• ultra-fast with fewer errors
• For applications needing higher bandwidth
• Successor to, and with the full features of camera link
• Multiple cable solution
• lower cost-of-data transmission across all bandwidths
• Multiple CXP channels for even higher data rates
• Off-the-shelf technology - lower cost
• Two and four CXP interface channels available
• Guaranteed data reliability
• Hot-pluggable
• Designed to ensure longevity in the market place
• High speed transmission for up to 40 metres

• Data can be split across multiple processing units

• Lower speed transmission for up to 100 metres
• Power-over-Camera Link HS is possible
• Video, communication, control, and power over one cable
• Excellent real-time performance in packet-based protocol
  CoaXPress cable

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