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Machine Vision Technology News
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Welcome to the August, 2016 edition of Machine Vision Technology News presented by Adept Turnkey - Smarter Imaging For Better Lives.

How to choose Machine Vision software - come learn

WORKSHOP November 2016
How should you choose which software to be the foundation for your inspection system?
What attributes should you look for when choosing a machine vision software package?
Which attributes have the highest priority for your skills and your application?

Adept Turnkey offers you a unqiue opportunity. This is the first workshop of its kind in Australia and offers valuable insights into selection of vision software. You do not have to be a vision expert to build your own inspection system. Regardless of your skill set there is software for you. Beginner or expert come and learn about which packages offer the best options for you.

We analyse five of the world leading machine vision software packages. We demonstrate their use by building several inspection applications. We highlight the key differences between them and discuss which suit you based upon your experience, you skill set and your application.

More details about location and dates to be published soon.


Genie NANO: new affordable benchmark for GigE visionMIRO LC high speed cameras with new touchscreens

Vision Research recently announced an upgrade to their highly successful Miro LC high speed cameras.
The Phantom Miro LC series feature a range of high speed cameras with resolutions from 1MP to 2MP and speeds from 1,500 fps to 400,000 fps. Handheld, flexible and amazing imaging quality.
All cameras in Vision Research's Phantom Miro LC series have been upgraded to include touch-screen technology which delivers improved touch accuracy and better hand-held performance. Camera specs and menu systems are the same as the previous LC models. New LC model numbers are LC111, LC311, LC121 and LC321S.... More


Phantom Miro M series discontinued

Vision Research have replaced the Miro M series with the R or the LAB series. The Phantom Miro M series were the first of the Phantom handheld cameras with 1MP, 2MP and 4MP and with in-built cineflash. Small, portable, fast and powerful. Vision Research has released the R and the LAB series to replace the M series. The R series feature the same features but are designed for applications where computer control is used, and is packaged in a robust, shock tolerant, all metal body for applications in outdoor and harsh environments. The LAB series is designed for laboratory/office-environment applications where computer control is preferred. See our Vision Research web page for specifications.

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JAI's  SWEEP+ Prism-based cameras with beam splitterBetter colour: new prism colour line scan from Jai

Making the world's most precise colour line scan camera technology, better

Offering a combination of JAI’s well-known prism technology, a specially optimized JAI lens, and CMOS sensors with large 20 µm x 20 µm pixels, these new colour line scan cameras More

EoSens CXP Plus - high-contrast and sharp imagesNew Mikrotron high speed CoaXPress cameras

EoSens CXP Plus series - high-contrast and sharp images with good sensitivity

Powered by an advanced OnSemi PYTHON sensor, the EoSens CXP+ series brings a combination of speed, resolution and responsiveness and More

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Acrylic filters - alternative to glassLooking for an alternative to a glass filter?

Midopt's acrylic longpass filters
Acrylic Longpass Filters are a durable, lightweight, economical solution for inspection windows and used to protect a lens in environments where broken glass might be a problem ... More

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Merlic makes Machine Vision Software more user-friendly

Accessibility and customisation advantages with this no-programming-required package

Combining reliable, fast performance with ease-of-use, MVTec's Merlic Machine Vision software allows non-programmers to create their own machine vision applications without writing a single line of code... More

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Why pay for Machine Vision Software?

The benefits of choosing proprietary vs open-source/in-house software

Selecting a software solution primarily based on cost might appear beneficial in the short-term but will almost certainly cause issues later. While using open-source/in-house software may seem compelling and, in some cases, justifiable, factors other than the purchase price will affect the financial outcome and so need to be considered before a decision is made. The "real" cost of More

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