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Welcoming the new standard in Ultra-fast, high-speed imaging for industrial vision

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Get unparalleled benchmark performance with Emergent's
affordable, 10 GigE 12 MP and 20 MP cameras

CMOS + 10GigE = High speed, affordability and flexibility
Emergent Vision Technologies' innovative products utilize the power of 10 Gigabit Ethernet to create ultra-fast, digital imaging with built-in image processing, for faster response times and lower server processing overheads making them the new standard in ultra-fast, high-speed imaging for industrial vision applications. Using a 10 GigE camera results in reduced power consumption and more cost efficiency than GigE.

The easy-to-use, yet powerful products create a unique offering which only high-end camera systems can offer in a small, convenient and cost-effective package.

Showcasing the HS-20000 and the HS-12000
Capable of 32 fps at 20 megapixels and 87 fps at 12 megapixel, respectively, the HS-20000 and HS-12000 are two breakthroughs for the industry.

With a global shutter and 10GigE interface—a world first for the vision industry— these cameras offer unparalleled benchmark performance.

The 10GigE interface is GenICam and GigE Vision compatible with the added benefit of a single connection using either SFP+ direct attach or fiber optic for additional length.

Available in either in either monochrome or colour utilizing a 35mm (HS-20000) and 28 mm (HS-12000) image format, the cameras allow an extensive selection of optics, making these models ultra-flexible to meet challenging industrial imaging applications.

Features Benefits   Typical applications

• Ultra-fast, high-Res

Increase production while maximizing resolution and discerning defects at a very high throughput rate   Diagnostic analysis
• 10 GigE interface Increased bandwidth, capable of high-res and high fps or more than one camera via single connection   Semicondutor inspections (HS-20000)
• On-board algorithms Reduces host CPU requirements   Food and beverage inspections
• Global shutter High resolution CMOS sensor with global shutter to ensure zero smearing at ultra-high speeds   Automotive
• High sensitivity Perfect for low light imaging applications such as ITS   Medical imaging
• Flexible exposure Optimize integration of a wide range of lighting conditions   Entertainment (HS-20000)
• Integration control Match integration time with lighting control for maximum benefit   Intelligent traffic systems (HS-12000)
• External sync/trigger Tight synchronization with I/O control, external PLCs, lighting and shutters    

Quick specs


5120 x 3840
4096 x 3072
35mm CMOSIS CMV20000 mono, colour
28mm CMOSIS CMV12000 mono, colour and NIR
Pixel Size
6.4um (square)
5.5um (square)
Frame rate
32 fps
87 fps
10GigE/SFP+ (Direct Attach, Fiber Optic)
138 x 58 x 60 mm (w/o F-mount)
138 x 58 x 50 mm (w/o F-mount)
350 gr
350 gr
Read more about the 10GigE HS-20000 and the HS-12000

Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd - Smarter Imaging for Better Lives - are distributors for Emergent Vision imaging products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about Emergent Vision or any other machine vision product, please call us at Perth (08) 9242 5411 / Sydney (02) 9905 5551 / Melbourne (03) 9384 1775 or contact us online.



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