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Keeping ahead of demand: New Falcon2 12M on drawing board with latest Camera Link HS (CLHS)

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Soon to be launched: Falcon2 12M Camera Link HS

Anticipating both the market's need and the Q2 2012 release of the new Camera Link HS (CLHS) standard, Teledyne DALSA is about to release a CLHS version of their latest Falcon2 12M camera.

The new Falcon2 CLHS will include all of the features and performance capabilities of the existing Camera Link version but will leverage the new CLHS interface.

Based on the following performance benchmarks, Falcon 2 CLHS will feature:
• High speed, high resolution • 12M, 58 fps, up to 10-bit output
• Per pixel Flat field correction CLHS interface - CX4 connector, 4 lanes (CLHS C2,4M1,S3)
• Intuitive graphical camera configuration tools • Fully supported by Sapera Camera SDK
About the new CLHS interface. Why choose it?  
Camera Link HS takes the key strengths of Camera Link and adds new features and functions and the soon-to-be-released standard will include:
• Low Cost Solution - Off-the-Shelf, Multi-Vendor Components • Scalable Bandwidths from 300 MB/s to 16 GB/s • Flexible Cables
• Reliable Data Delivery • Industry supported • Direct Fiber Optic Conversion Possible

Implications of CLHS technology on cameras  
CLHS products are said to bring to their users unparalleled performance with the cost benefit advantages of leading-edge technology and system flexibility. They are designed to be a reliable closed loop system able to migrate with advances in telecommunication technology thus ensuring a long service life for Camera Link HS products.
• Camera size is minimized. • Power over Camera Link HS is possible. • Interface technology can be integrated into FPGAs.
• Lower cost data transmission across all bandwidths. • Estimated longevity in the marketplace: 10-20 years • Camera Link HS protocol - exceeding 95% video efficiency.

Click to read more about CLHS interface technology in this newsletter

About the current Falcon 2 CL Family series
Built around Teledyne DALSA’s proprietary and most advanced CMOS technology, the Falcon2 monochrome and colour series includes 4M, 8M and 12M models and delivers (quoted in 8-bit sensor mode, 8-bit 10 tap, CameraLink mode):

The new Falcon2 area scan cameras incorporate large resolutions and faster frame rates enabling high speed image capture with superb spatial resolution.

Features such as global shutter (which removes unwanted smear and time displacement artifacts related to rolling shutter CMOS devices) and improved image quality make these Falcon2 cameras the camera of choice in applications where throughput, resolution and dynamic range matter.

The latest CMOS sensor has reduced dark noise levels and improved dark offset, FPN (fixed pattern noise) and PRNU (Pixel Response Non-Uniformity) levels. In addition, region of interest features will offer opportunities for higher frame rates and new applications.

The Falcon2 cameras are compliant with GenICam™ and full Camera Link™ specifications—delivering 8 or 10 bits of data on 8 taps (frame rates are specified at 8 bits) and the M42x1 thread opening allows the use of lens of choice.

Click for more on the Falcon 2 CL Family series

Typical applications  
• Semiconductor wafer inspection • Electronics manufacturing • 3D imaging—Laser profiling
  • Surface and bump inspection   • 3D solder paste inspection • Solar panel inspection
    • Package and bump inspection • General machine vision
    • Automated Optical Inspection  

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