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HTPL Lasers
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  • Up to 2.6 W dot or line
  • Very high visibility
  • Focusable
  • CW and Pulsing capability
  • ESD, over-temperature, over-voltage, and reverse-polarity protection
  • Rugged industrial-grade design

StockerYale’s Lasiris™ HPTL laser is a high-power fiber-coupled diode laser capable of projecting a dot or a line. Developed for the most demanding industrial applications, the HPTL laser features fully protected diode electronics and an active air-cooling system with bipolar thermoelectric cooler – all in a compact, rugged housing. A length of optical fiber distances the diode laser from the focusing and beam shaping optics to isolate and protect the diode from harmful industrial environments.

All models can be operated as CW units or in pulsing mode by supplying an analog or
TTL signal to the connector on the laser. A fine-focusing optics module is available upon

Beam Collimators

The Lasiris™ HPTL laser can come with a collimated beam. There are presently three types of collimators available for the HPTL. Below is a table depicting the divergence of the beam in terms or the diode and in terms of two of our standard collimators.

    Divergence (MRAD)
Collimator Beam width (mm) 670-280 670-350 810-1600 810-2600
101 D 1.98 11 22 33 44
201D 3.52 6 13 19 25

Mechanical Specifications

Weight Approximately 5.6 lbs (2.6 kg)
Housing Material Black anodized aluminum
Temperature regulation Built-in bipolar thermoelectric cooling

Optical Specifications

Power 280 mW to 2.6 W, CW / pulsed
Wavelength 670 nm, 810 nm, 980 nm, custom
Fiber type Multi-mode
Fiber length 1 m standard, or custom
Fiber end SMA connector or optical head
Optical head Fixed or adjustable focus
Output beam

Diverging or collimated.
Available diameters: 4.5 mm, 11 mm

Numerical aperture 0.22, or custom
Bending radius 50 mm
Protective tubing Reinforced furcation or metallic

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature
optical head:

-10°C to +45°C
-35°C to +40°C
Wavelength drift Maximum ±1 nm over entire operating
temperature range
Over & under-temperature protection Built-in

Ordering Information

To order an HPTL laser, select from the specifications below. Note that the fiber numerical aperture is 0.22 for all cases, but it can be customized to your specifications.

Diode power
Fiber core size
670 nm
280 mW
350 mW
50 µm
100 µm
810 nm
500 mW
1 W
1.6 W
2.6 W
50 µm
100 µm
150 µm
200 µm
980 nm
800 mW
100 µm


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