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Macro lenses for 4k linescan cameras
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MC4k series - Macro lenses for close-range, high-speed inspection

MC4K series is suitable for both 4K linescan cameras and matrix detector cameras over 4/3".

These lenses are specifically designed to work as macros naturally, as opposed to infinite-conjugate lenses with added spacers which is are a common alternative but which are unable to deliver the same optical performances.

MC4K lenses feature a fixed aperture, selected to ensure optimal field depth, image resolution and brightness for each magnification range while meeting the typical needs of machine vision applications. The absence of an iris adjustment mechanism leads to a simpler and streamlined build, granting extra durability and precision.

Machine integration is made easy due to the precise focusing mechanism and the possibility to choose from an F or M42x1 mount (-N).

Additionally, the MC4K series features a front M30.5x0.5 thread for insertion of an optional filter as well as for easy phase adjustment.

Key advantages
Macro design
Achieves excellent resolution and delivers superior image quality over standard fixed focal length lenses used with extension tubes
Exceptional low distortion
Perform measurement tasks with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.
Optimized aperture
For each magnification, the f/# is optimized to ensure the best field depth and image resolution
Easy filter insertion
Via front M30.5x0.5 thread

MC4K Video commences at 1'25"


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